European Movement in Albania

European Movement Albania is an independent, non-profit organization, combining think tank and advocacy instruments. EMA was established in February 2007, in response to Albania’s increased efforts at speeding up the process of preparing for EU accession.  EMA regards European Integration as largely beneficial but recognizes that in many respects the process does not work well. Therefore we aim to promote new ideas for improving the policy development process.

EMA is a forum for exchange of views on political, economic and social challenges that Albania is facing. It is devoted to encourage and strengthen the present democratic experiences, by promoting democratic values during the policy making process, analysis and implementation of public policies in the country. It attempts at making the policy-making process more transparent and open, and responsive to the public interest, offering alternative suggestions based on evidenced research. EMA’s programme areas are:

–    Promotion of European values and European Integration   process of Albania

–    Democracy and good governance

–    Economic and social dimensions of EU integration

–    Regional cooperation

Considering the needs and challenges of the Albanian society in this transformation process, as well as EMA goals, its work is focused on:

  • policy research, analysis, advice and advocacy;
  • capacity building and training;
  • public debates and policy forums;
  • developing monitoring indicators on certain issues of significant importance for the public.

EMA has its organizational structure located in Tirana, and Local Coordinators in the main cities of Albania, such as Vlora, Shkodër, Elbasan and Korça. EM Albania has more than 700 young individual members registered as EMA’s Supporters. EMA is a member of European Movement International (EMI)


EMA is entirely engaged in preserving the research integrity. Thus, research methodology conducted is aligned with national legislation, European and International laws in order to safeguard ethical principles like: individual autonomy, confidentiality, respect of rights, safety, and dignity of all people participating and/or being affected during the research process.

Originality of the works is a substantial element that EMA is devoted to follow to the highest extent. Any work is always peer-reviewed by a Board of Editors and checked for any misconduct or any element of plagiarism before final publication.

All the publications and works published by EMA express the free view and analysis of the author (s), and they are always assessed for not being in breach of any person’s copyright or other rights, or in breach of any right of privacy, or in any other way unlawful.

Personal data gathering and their procession is often required as an essential element of the research methodology. Yet the data gathered is processed exclusively and solely for the intended purposes of the research activity. Personal Data are protected based on the national law of the country: Law No.9887, on Personal Data Protection, as amended. All the actions regarding personal data are also aligned with rules and principles stated on EU legislation, specifically with  General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 (GDPR) and International law.

The Gender Equality Plan is a  strategic instrument that aims to evaluate the status quo, ensure visibility and responsibility regarding the process of reaching gender equality within the organization.  European Movement Albania (EMA) prioritizes putting in place the mechanisms and setting up the framework that enables equal opportunities during the recruiting process and career progress in complete alignment with the national legislation, European and international instruments as well as  principles of equality, non-discrimination and promotion of gendered-balance policies.

EMA-Gender Equality Plan 2023

EMA - Gender Equality Plan 2022

For further information or for any compliance concerning one of the abovementioned matters (plagiarism, ethical issues, use of personal data or other) you are welcome to contact us at: