Policy Paper: A tour on the Progress Reports of European Commission for Albania, December 2009

tour-252x150The paper “A tour on the Progress Report of European Commission for  for Albania” prepared by EMA’s research team and Mirela Bogdani, identified the progress achieved, existing shortcomings, as well as the recommendations provided. EC Progress Reports for Albania emphasized that the progress achieved during these years are mainly expressed in the adoption of laws, strategies and action plans, as well as in establishing new structures and institutions. Implementation of policies and legislation are the main problems, frequently repeated in EC Progress Reports.

The policy paper concluded that: “Current panorama of political dialog, judicial system, corruption and organized crime, public administration, and freedom of media, is hindering the democratization and Europeanization process in Albania.

The comparison of EC Progress Reports point out no substantial progress in the above areas, since the recommendation of EC are repeated every year”. 

 A tour on the Progress Reports of European Commission for Albania