Brochure: Youth Mobility in EU, October 2014

national convention on eu integrationIn the framework of the third year of implementation of the project “Youth as agent of participatory democracy and institutional accountability in the municipality of Shkodra, EMA has published the informative brochure third edition “Youth Mobility in Europe”. The publication targets youth in Albania and strives to increase their knowledge about youth mobility in Europe, as an important feature for the labour market. The informative brochure presents in detail the European policies that promote mobility and programs offered by the European Union and the Council of Europe for young people from Albania. Also, it provides concrete statistics and different forms of mobility such as volunteering, internships, youth exchanges (training, simulations, workshops) and university studies. The package information emphasizes the benefits that these forms of mobility bring in preparing young people for the labour market, vocational training, cultural exchanges etc. It concludes with some personal experiences shared by Albanian youngsters involved by EMA “In the Move”.