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Euronews Albania: EP adopts resolution on Albania, Nirvana Deliu: “Efforts to persuade skeptics about EU enlargement”

 Nirvana Deliu- EMA Policy Researcher on March 26, 2021 was invited to Euronews to speak on the adoption of the resolution supporting negotiations with Albania by the European Parliament. She said this is a positive assessment by the EP and serves to convince skeptics of EU enlargement. Deliu spoke about the role of the Western […]

Vizion+: Who do citizens trust more? Political parties or internationals actors?

Nirvana Deliu- EMA Policy Researcher on March 25, 2021 was invited to the TV show 7pa5 to talk about the role that internationals actors have in the election process. She stated that they will focus more on the evaluation and supervision of the process. These elections are seen as a prerequisite for the first intergovermental […]

News 24: The Partnership Platform and 33 Chapters, Albania’s tasks for European Integration

Gledis Gjipali, the executive director of EMA was invited to the TV show Alert on News 24 to talk about the Partnership Platform. He provided specific details about the project and the role of European Movement in Albania in organizing the roundtables within it. Mr. Gjipali spoke about the functioning of this platform and work […]

Vision +: How close are we to the intergovernmental conference?

Gledis Gjipali, the executive director of EMA on February 24 was invited to the tv show “7 pa 5” to discuss the expectations that Albania has from the First Intergovernmental Conference. He talked about the April 25th  elections and the effects that this process is expected to have on the European integration process. Mr. Gjipali […]

A2CNN: EU, elections and Integration

Gjipali: “It is unfamiliar for the integration process to be conditioned by internal political elections” Gledis Gjipali, Executive Director of EMA on February 22 was invited “Absolute 4” where he spoke about the practical opening of negotiations and stated that the EU is not in a hurry because among other things is waiting for the […]

Vizion+: The Court “opens” the negotiations

 “The functioning of the Constitutional Court is considered an important step and  according to the report of the European Commission removes one of the conditions that had remained pending, increasing the chances of setting a date for the Inter-governmental Conference.” Gledis Gjipali, Executive Director of EMA, invited to the central news edition of Vizion Plus […]

EU Negotiations for Albania / Gjipali: Convincing member countries, is a difficult mission

Gledis Gjipali, Executive Director of EMA invited to Tema TV, on December 10, 2020, regarding the loss of another chance for Albania to reach negotiations with the EU. On this topic, Gjipali said that Albania has still many unfulfilled tasks like the  Constitutional Court issue and the laws regarding electoral reform on one hand and […]

Albanian Parliament live: “Food safety and standards required in the framework of European Integration for Albania”

On December 9, 2020, an online meeting was organized in the framework of the Convention on European Integration, session 1 of Working Group III on “Food safety and standards required in the framework of European integration”. This session was organized  by the European Movement in Albania (EMA), the Albanian Parliament and the Technical Secretariat of […]

Ora News: Gjipali: No intergovernmental conference this year, the EU agenda does not mention enlargement

Invited to Ora News, on December 7, 2020, Gledis Gjipali, Executive Director of the European Movement in Albania said that it is almost impossible to have a first intergovernmental conference before December. He said the skeptical countries remain the same, which are the Netherlands, Denmark and France and they think that there is no such […]

Spotlight – “Frozen” in the EU lobby / Risks of the economy

Gledis Gjipali, executive director of EMA invited to Vizion Plus, in the show Spotlight, on December 2, 2020 to discuss the decision of Germany on not starting the EU negotiations with Albania. Is this decision a punishment for the Albanian government or are they internal problems of the EU? According to him, we as a […]