EMA in the Media

Gjipali on ABC News: Bejleri Case, can Greece hinder the integration process?

On August 23, 2023, the Executive Director of EMA, Gledis Gjipali was on ABC News to talk about the relations between Albania and Greece with regards to the Bejleri case. For Gjipali, this situation has led to heated exchanges of statements between Albanian and Greek authorities, and it remains to be seen if it can […]

Gjipali on Klan News: Is it the end of the “Open Balkan” initiative?

On July 3, the Executive  Director Of Ema, Gledis Gjipali, was on Klan News to talk about the temporary measures  taken by EU regarding Kosovo. He said that the situation can be solved  through a more active dialogue, expressing that EU should listen more to Kosovo in matters related to the rule of law. With regards to the […]

Gjipali on Vizion Plus: Analysis of the electoral process; May 15 2023

Gledis Gjipali/Executive Director of EMA was invited on Vizion Plus to give his remarks on the local electoral process. He expressed that there have been technical incidents, but the overall process has been successfully completed as the procedural and legal acts have been carried out well. When asked about the case of Himara, Gjipali emphasized […]

Europe Day-May 9, 2023

On Europe Day (May 9), Gledis Gjipali/Executive Director of EMA was on Panorama TV to talk about Albania’s path towards EU membership. He stated that regarding the reforms that Albania is carrying out in terms of legislation and implementation, more work is required in the fight against organized crime and corruption. He added that in […]

Gjipali on Report Tv: There is a political consensus in the EU for the fight against corruption

Gledis Gjipali/Executive Director of EMA was invited to Report Tv to talk about a new legislative framework the European Commission that aims to strengthen the measures for punishing people involved in corruption cases in  27 Member Countries. He spoke about the relevance of this legal package which brings an indirect awareness to Albania and a […]

Gledis Gjipali/Executive Director of EMA gives his remarks on the 12th meeting of the Stabilisation and Association Council; March 16, 2023

Gledis Gjipali/the Executive Director of EMA commented the 12th meeting of the EU-Albania Stabilisation and Association Council held in Tirana on March 16, 2023. He emphasized the relevance of this meeting and added that it is a great opportunity for the EU and Albania to take stock of the bilateral relations under the Stabilisation and Association […]

Gjipali on FaxNews: EU financial support schemes

On January 18th, the Executive Director of EMA/Gledis Gjipali was invited on “EkoFax” to talk about the funding schemes of the European Union. He stated that IPA funds are intended for the state structures and are divided according to the strategic priorities of a country. In order to benefit from them, human resources with expertise […]

Deliu on ScanTV: The reasons why Albania is risking the return of the visa regime with the EU

Nirvana Deliu/Policy Researcher at EMA, was invited on ScanTv to give her remarks on emigration and the visa suspension mechanism included in chapter 24 of the EU Acquis. She also commented the EC monitoring report which analyses whether countries are in line with the EU policies of visa liberalization, as the safety of member states […]

Nirvana Deliu/ Policy Researcher at EMA gives her remarks on the EU-Western Balkans Summit

Nirvana Deliu/ Policy Researcher at EMA was invited to several media platforms to talk about the summit held on December 6 between the EU and Western Balkans. She stated that this summit has a significant relevance for our country as it is the first time being organized in Tirana and positions Albania as a strategic […]

Gledis Gjipali/Executive Director of EMA gives his remarks on the EU-Western Balkan summit held in Tirana- 6.12.2022

Gledis Gjipali, the Executive Director of EMA commented the EU-Western Balkans summit held in Tirana on December 6, 2022. He stated that the selection of Albania as a host country is based on the progress during the negotiation process this year, as well as on the complete alignment of Albania’s foreign policy with that of […]