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7pa5 – Again a “NO” as response to Albania – 22 June 2021

On June 22, 2021, Nirvana Deliu – Policy Researcher at EMA was invited to VizionPlus to comment on the postponement of the decision for Albania and Northern Macedonia. She stated that Bulgaria’s veto may lead to a separation between these two countries. Deliu declared that EU’s approach to enlargement should be seen after September. Regarding the […]

VizionPlus: Northern Macedonia-Bulgaria dispute penalizes Albania

 Gledis Gjipali, EMA’s Executive Director was invited to VizionPlus to give his opinion on the situation created by the veto of Bulgaria. He noted that given Bulgaria’s early parliamentary elections in mid-July, it is unlikely that there will be a revocation. Albania’s separation from Northern Macedonia will remain on the verge of discussion until the […]

Fax News, Gjipali: Macedonia-Bulgaria deadlock, blocks Albania

On June 18, 2021 the Executive Director of EMA, Gledis Gjipali was invited to Fax News to talk about the latest developments regarding Albania’s EU integration. He said that our country and Northern Macedonia are together in this process and can block each other as in this case. Bulgarian veto is unlikely to be withdrawn […]

Syri Tv: The Netherlands gives the green light to start accession talks with Albania

Gledis Gjipali, the Executive Director of EMA was on Syri Tv on June 16, 2021 to talk about the green light given by the Dutch Parliament for Albania’s integration process. He said that the latest developments are positive but the conflict between Bulgaria and North Macedonia stands on the way. Moreover, Gjipali explained in detail […]

Fax News: Summit of Western Balkan Leaders

Nirvana Deliu- Policy Researcher at EMA was invited on June 11, 2021 on Fax News to speak about the conclusions drawn from the Summit of Leaders of the Western Balkan. She said that this meeting comes just a few days before the gathering of the European Council, where decisions are expected to be taken on […]

Ora News: The Action Plan for the Western Balkans

On June 11, 2021 Nirvana Deliu, Policy Researcher at EMA was on Ora News to speak about Western Balkans Leader’s Summit. She said that the main topics of this meeting were related to the Economy and Investment Plan for the region. Deliu stated that it aims to help countries recover from the pandemic and draft […]

VizionPlus: Results of the Western Balkan Summit in Tirana

On June 10, 2021 Gledis Gjipali was invited on Vizion Plus to discuss the political and economic relevance of the Western Balkans Summit held in Tirana. He stated that there are a lot of political and historical barriers that slow down the cooperation in the region. Furthermore, Gjjipali said that the conflict between Bulgaria and […]

A2 CNN: Albania’s candidacy for the UN Security Council

On June 10, 2021 EMA’s Executive Director, Gledis Gjipali expressed his opinion on Albania’s expectations to be elected a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. He stated that this council takes a lot of relevant decisions related to the international sphere. Moreover, Gjipali discussed the conclusions from the Western Balkan Summit held in Tirana and […]

SyriTV: The next phase of Balkan countries

On June 10, 2021 Nirvana Deliu- Policy Researcher at EMA was on Syri Tv to talk about the expectations that EU has for stability and cohesion in the Balkan region. She stated that the Berlin Process Summit that will take place July 5, will provide a clearer perspective on the future of these countries. Moreover, […]

Gledis Gjipali for EuroNews Albania: The integration process of the Western Balkan countries is quite challenging

The Executive Director of EMA, on June 10, 2021 commented the Summit of Western Balkan Leaders organized in Tirana. He declared that these initiatives  help to soften the conflicts within the region but the expectations are high when it comes to EU integration.     The integration process of the Western Balkan countries is quite […]