Policy Paper: The Albanian Integration in the EU: The Case of Human Trafficking of Adults, March 2023

In the recent years, the EU has become an authoritative normative power in Western Balkans and in Albania. In July 2022, Albania started the accession negotiations process and the screening of the EU acquis. In addition, in November 2022, the EU is discussing a new EU strategy for enlargement. Focusing on the case of human […]

Policy Paper: Ukraine crisis implications on EU migration policy and security, December 2022

The war in Ukraine that started in 24 February 2022, from Russian army made the geopolitical situation more complex and unsecure, with a new wave of people fleeing from their country and seeking refuge in the European Union countries. This new wave of refugees came in a time when EU is still dealing with migration […]

Albania’s Scorecard on Progress and Level of Preparation regarding EU accession during 2021, October 2022

The European Commission (EC) monitors Albania ̍s progress and level of preparation in meeting EU membership requirements on an annual basis. The country is working on the transposition of the Acquis according to the National Plan on European Integration Plan (NPEI), which serves as a tool for fulfilling the obligations arising from the Stabilization and […]

Monitoring Report: The public administration reform (PAR) mainstreaming in Policy Development and Coordination for the Regional Development and Cohesion Policy, July 2022

The report analyses the policy development and coordination process for the regional development and cohesion policy in Albania. There are two institutions that are responsible for the RDC policy in Albania: Prime Minister’s Office (specifically the Deputy Prime Minister Office) and Albanian Development Fund (ADF), an institution established in 1993.  The report follows a standard […]

Policy Paper: Consultation process in Albania under EU integration – What role for Civil Society?, June 2022

The year 2020 and 2021 were difficult years for the Civil Society sector, as it was for all other sectors of the economy and society, due to Covid-19 pandemic implications and restrictions. Even under these restraints either physical, or financial the Civil Society sector took all the necessary efforts in order to fulfill its functions and […]

Factsheet on Chapters 1,3,20 and 28 of the EU Acquis, June 2022

 This factsheet prepared by EMA provides clear and complete information on four chapters of the EU Acquis, that are coordinated in the framework of negotiations by the Ministry of Finance and Economy: Chapters 1, 3, 20 and 28. The material clarifies in a simply way the policy areas that include those chapters, the level of […]

Policy Study: Inclusion of Civil Society Organizations on the EU Integration process of the country, April 2021

Albania has now made another step closer towards EU Integration aspirations, while opening the accession negotiations in March 2020 and getting prepared for organizing the First Intergovernmental Conference between EU and Albania. Based in such important momentum of Albania, is essential that all the actors of the society whether public institutions (central and local level), […]

Factsheet on the Partnership Platform for European Integration, February 2021

This factsheet conducted by EMA brings a clear and complete overview on the Partnership Platform for European Integration, its objectives and role with a focus on the two main pillars: The Governing Board and the Discussion and Advisory Roundtables. They will be established in an analogously with the 33 chapters of the EU Acquis. This […]

Migrant Integration Policy Index 2020 – Country Report Albania, November 2020

This country report is published by MIPEX group, based on the information and data offered by the researchers of European Movement Albania as the Albanian partner of the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX). MIPEX2020 is a unique tool which measures policies to integrate migrants in 52 countries across five continents including all EU countries + […]

Study: Exploring the challenges in the perspective of Albania’s Europeanization, August 2020

 This publication presents and analyses the conclusions drawn from the surveys conducted in the period February-April 2020 with 100 professional respondents from Albania through face-to-face and online interviews due to Covid-19 regulations. The study puts forward the extracted quantitative and qualitative data regarding the perception of Albanian professionals on the perspective of European integration, the […]