Policy Brief: Posting of Workers in the Western Balkans: The Case of Albania

This Policy Brief aims to discuss trends in posting of workers to and from Albania,the transposition of the Posting of Workers Directive (96/71/EC, herewith PWD) into national law, and the challenges regarding institutional capacities to manage posting workers to and from Albania. The brief aims also to raise awareness and understanding on the topic of […]

Insitutitonal capacities for implementing The Posting of Workers Directive in the Western Balkans: A NEEDS ASSESMENT

The needs assessment provides a review of the capacities of the four candidate countries of the Western Balkans, namely Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, to implement the Posting of Workers Directive (96/71/EC). The needs assessment is done through the incremental approach of identifying existing capacities in all four countries and making best use of […]

Education and research in Western Balkan Region: An assessment of countries’ experiences and their performance in EU funded programmes (Case study: Albania, Kosovo and Serbia)

This regional study is prepared within the project “Creating synergy in Western Balkans for strengthening education, research and science”, supported by Western Balkan Fund. It is implemented by a team of experts from European Movement Albania in partnership with Balkans Policy Research Group, Kosovo and European Movement Novi Sad, Serbia. The Western Balkan countries have […]

Posting of Workers in Eastern Europe (EEPOW) – Country Report: Albania, November 2018

Posting of Workers in Eastern Europe (EEPOW) is a project supported by European Commission and being implemented by European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research in Austria in partnership with three organisations from EU countries (Germany, Italy, Slovenia) and four organizations from Western Balkan Countries (Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia). EMA is the organisation […]

Policy Study: Connectivity for Development, taking the Highway for Economic Growth, November 2018

The goal of this study is to contribute in the documentation of progress that Albania, Kosovo and Serbia have achieved in implementing the commitments taken in framework of the Connectivity Agenda. It seeks to draw the attention on the need to develop monitoring mechanisms at regional level, so as to ensure a timely implementation of […]

Policy Study: Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance and the countries of the Western Balkans, June 2018

This study was produced within project ”Fostering the partnership between V4 and WB and capacity building in Western Balkans “, implemented by the European Movement in Montenegro, European Movement in Serbia, European Movement Albania, EUROTHINK – Center for European Strategies Skopje, Kosova Democratic Institute, Transparency International Bosnia and Herzegovina, EUROPEUM, Institute for Foreign Affairs and […]

Regional Research: IPA II Absorption Capacities, November 2017

This Regional research is result of a yearlong work on understanding, researching and analysing IPA II absorption capacities in three countries of Western Balkans with the guidance and expe- rience of Visegrad group countries. Within the framework of the Regional Convention on European Integration of Western Balkans, supported by International Visegrad Fund on one side […]

Monitoring Report of Chapter 23 (Judiciary and Fundamental Rights) and Chapter 24 (Justice, Freedom. Security), October 2017

The purpose of this Assessment Report is to monitor the level of implementation of reforms as well as the progress achieved in key areas related to Chapter 23 (Judiciary and Fundamental Rights) and Chapter 24 (Justice, Freedom and Security) in framework of the integration process of Albania in the European Union. This Executive Summary provides […]

Informative brochure: You vote (May 2017)

The purpose of this initiative funded by the Australian Auxiliary Assistance Program (DAP) is to encourage youth participation in the decision-making process. The project will contribute to fostering their education on the importance of participating democracy and especially the voter, seeking to increase knowledge, critical thinking and youth action in local institutions and election processes. […]

Policy Study: Migrants and Asylum Seekers Rights in Albania, May 2017

This Policy Brief is prepared under the Pontis Foundation initiative Civil Society Development in the Western Balkans by European Movement Albania research team. The study deals with the phenomenon of migration putting on spotlight: immigration, as one of the dimensions which government and state authorities do not pay as much attention compared with the other […]