Policy Brief: The EU Swedish Presidency and its implications to the enlargement process of Western Balkans, October 2009

EMA supported by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) has prepared a policy brief on “The EU Swedish Presidency and its implications to the enlargement process of Western Balkans“, which were published during the policy forum with the same title held on 16 October 2009.  The priorities of the EU Swedish Presidency, the ratification of the Lisbon […]

Policy Paper: Visa Liberalization – Implications of a proposal, September 2009

European Movement in Albania (EMA) supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD), a project of the German Marshall Fund and Think Tank Fund, Open Society Institute (OSI) has prepared the latest policy paper “Visa Liberalisation – Implications of a proposal” which takes inspiration from the latest developments in this area as the EU Commission […]

Schengen White List Project – in cooperation with European Stability Initiative (ESI), June 2009

EMA is the implementing partner in the “Schengen White List Project” of European Stability Initiative – ESI. This project aims at analyzing the relevant documents which have to do with country’s progress towards visa free regime. These documents include: –    Roadmaps; –    Reports on activities and achievements of governments of Western Balkan countries sent to […]

Handbook on European Integration Process, February 2009

“Handbook on European Integration Process” is published by EMA in the framework of the project “Supporting to the Network of EU Info Points in the university towns of Albania” supported by European Commission Delegation to Albania. It contains detailed information on the main EU institutions and their functions. It provides a clear picture of the main […]

One year from the Visa Facilitation Agreement. What has really changed?, January 2009

EMA shares with you the recent publication “One year from the Visa Facilitation Agreement. What has really changed?” prepared by the policy research team, with the support of Balkan Trust for Democracy, a Project of the German Marshall Fund. The entry into force of the Visa Facilitation Agreement (VFA) between Albania and the European Community […]

Policy Paper: Albania’s application for membership in the EU, Time for tangible results, January 2009

EMA supported by the Think Tank Fund, Open Society Institute, has prepared the first of its series of Policy Papers: “Albania’s Application for EU Membership: Time for tangible results”. The latest developments with respect to the process of European integration of Albania and of other Western Balkans countries were the incentives for developing this paper. […]

The Breaking of Nations: Order and Chaos in the Twenty-First Century, in Albanian version

EMA in cooperation with “Dudaj” Publishing House has the pleasure to present in Albanian the book “The Breaking of Nations: Order and Chaos in the Twenty-First Century”. This initiative is undertaken in the framework of the project “Upgrading the Understanding of International Relations and Changing Role of the State” supported by the U.S.A Embassy in […]

Information campaign on Visa Liberalization process 2008

EMA has constantly played an active role and became a focal point for a wide range of stakeholders on national and European level regarding the visa liberalization process. Its commitments in this respect dates backs to the beginning of this process when visa dialog was launched between Albania and European Union on 2008.  EMA was […]

Nations in Transit 2008: Albania

Ditmir Bushati, Executive Director of European Movement in Albania has prepared the country report for 2008 “Nations in Transit” published annually by Freedom House. The report is based on five pillars: National Democratic Governance, Electoral Process, Civil Society, Independent and Transparency of Media, Local Democratic Governance, Judicial Framework and Independence, and Corruption, measuring the progress […]

Briefing Report Visa Facilitation in Western Balkans: Does it really matter? July 2008

European Movement in Albania, in the framework of the project “Does it really matter? Visa Facilitation in the Western Balkans”, supported by East-East Partnership Beyond Borders Program, the Open Society Institute and King Baudouin Foundation, published in July 2008 a Briefing Report concerning the implementation of the Visa Facilitation Agreement between European Communities and Albania. […]