Deliu: Berlin Process fosters EU path, 2030 should be considered as an objective, 16 October 2023

Nirvana Deliu, EU Policy Researcher at EMA was invited on 16th October on various TV media to speak about the Berlin Process Summit which was being organized in Tirana. Deliu spoke about the importance of this process to the European integration and also about the necessity of the dialogue and cooperation between countries in Western Balkans to foster this process. According to her, except the dialogue, Berlin Process also intensifies the EU integration procedures; 2030 should be considered as a goal to reach from Albania and doesn’t necessarily mean full membership. She also mentioned a very important part of this Summit which was signing of an agreement between Western Balkan countries for the recognition of some professions and diplomas in the respective countries. Practical implementation of this agreement simplifies the bureaucratic procedures on finding a job in different countries among the region and results on increasing the opportunities for young professionals and strengthens the regional cooperation.

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