Digitalization as a tool to empower democracy – SWOT Analysis, june 2019 Tirana

On 5 June 2019, the second informative meeting was organized in Tirana by European Movement in Albania with 25 youngsters selected to be part of the First Session (10-15 June 2019), in the framework of Erasmus + project (KA3 Action) implemented in partnership with Institute for the Future (Italy)

The topic of this activity was focused on “Digitalization as a tool to empower democracy” and how to use SWOT analysis in assessing e-democracy in specific countries or institutions.

Ms. Nirvana Deliu, Coordinator of project T.A.K.E Part for Albania, made a brief introduction of the project and of the topic. She updated the participants with relevant information and offered some insights regarding digitalization, different methods of digitalization and SWOT analysis used to assess it. As not all participants were familiar with SWOT analysis, Nirvana offered a brief explanation of what is SWOT analysis (S-Strength, W-Weaknesses, O-Opportunities, T-Threats) and how is used mostly in evaluating and assessing different actions, policies, in social and/or economic fields.

Ms. Ina Begotarja, one of the participants gave an example how to use SWOT analysis, by assessing as a practical case: Tirana municipality, the institution in which she works. By introducing different electronic ways for involvement and information of the citizens, that Municipality of Tirana uses, she through SWOT analysis evaluated and  examined all four dimensions of SWOT analysis, bearing in mind the present and the future of e-democracy tools and their utilization in local democracy in Albania.

Later on the participants started to discuss about the topic and divided the roles they would have in preparing a Power Point presentation on SWOT analysis and assessment of e-democracy in local level in Albania. They gave their ideas on which tools to be used for e-democracy and e-participation in Albania and how these tools would help for more transparent and accountable institutions.