Policy Study: From Soft to Systematic Policy and Regulatory Impact Assessment in Albania, June 2016

From Soft to Systematic Policy and Regulatory Impact Assessment in AlbaniaEMA has the pleasure to share with you the Policy Study: From Soft to Systematic Policy and Regulatory Impact Assessment in Albania. This publication has been produced with the assistance of European Fund for Balkans, in framework of Think and Link Programme.

The study analyses the state of affairs in the policy and legislative process in Albania, identifying existing RIA elements as well as suggesting steps for further consolidation of a proper impact assessment methodology in the near term. In this study, we look at the evolution of Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) practices in countries member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as well as EU accession countries, identifying positive practices towards which Albania should aim. Particular attention is paid to the experience of neighbouring countries with introducing and consolidating impact assessment practices, viewed as closer to the Albanian reality in terms of capacities and reform agenda.

As it moves ahead with the EU integration process, Albania has yet to make proof of its transformational capacities, introducing thorough, high impact and sustainable reforms in key sectors, particularly those pertaining to the remaining key priorities for opening accession negotiations, and later in the numerous negotiation chapters. To achieve the expected impact and efficiency, Albania will have to overcome redundant practices of closed/non transparent and chaotic policy and regulatory environment, which account for much of the inefficient, obsolete and often over costly reforms, policies and laws introduced in over two decades of transition.