Informative Brochure: Consumer Protection and Environmental Protection, April 2017

EMA devotes a special role to the information and awareness dimension, mainly to young people, where it has already established a tradition in implementing projects through which young people and their needs are targeted. Following the commitments and initiatives it has undertaken over the past 10 years, through the mechanism of the European Integration Convention, the European Movement in Albania (EMA) with the support of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Albania has identified the need to further inform and to involve the community affected by the reforms and policies undertaken by the government at the national and local level in the framework of EU accession. The main purpose of this initiative is to foster awareness and awareness among young people and students of the sensitive issues of Albania’s European Integration process, such as consumer protection and food safety, as well as environmental protection by focusing only in the capital where most activities and initiatives are taking place, but also in other cities of the country that these topics are equally important. As part of this initiative comes the compilation and publication of this brochure which makes a brief presentation of two important issues included in the two negotiating chapters Chapter 28 (Consumer Protection) and Chapter 27 (Environment) focused on: legislation and institutions responsible , as well as in involving and informing the youth. The information provided in this brochure is in a simple, clear and concise language to be easy to understand and absorb by young people, regardless of the information and background knowledge they may have.

Informative Brochure – Consumer Protection and Environmental Protection

Leaflet – Consumer Protection and Environmental Protection