Information campaign on Visa Liberalization process 2008

photo-te udhestosh pa vizaEMA has constantly played an active role and became a focal point for a wide range of stakeholders on national and European level regarding the visa liberalization process. Its commitments in this respect dates backs to the beginning of this process when visa dialog was launched between Albania and European Union on 2008. 

EMA was one of the main actors which among dissemination of information on how this process was going on, has also taken an leading role on advocating and lobbying at European level by contributing to push forward this process. In compliance this mission EMA has presented lots of informative materials (posters, leaflets, flyers, radio and TV spots) such as:

Traveling without visa

Te Phire bi Vizengo

Scorecard on Visa roadmap implementation

How to apply for a short term visa in one of embassies of the Schengen countriesion

Transparency of information in embassies of the Schengen countries