Informative Manual on the Albanian Institutions, February 2010

manual informativ mbi institucione shqiptareIn the framework of the NED’s funded project “Internship programme in the Albanian Parliament”, EMA’s staff has published the “Informative Manual on the Albanian Institutions”. The manual provides shortly and in an easy to digest way, basic information on central and local governmental institutions in Albania, being focused mainly on legislative and executive powers. It attempts to provide students with basic principles of functioning of basic state institutions.

The aim of this manual is to strengthen and increase the level of information, awareness, and education of the students as well as to strengthen the role of EMA in performing of these functions, which is one of the main pillars of our strategy. The manual is structured in different sections, each of them is focused in distinctive issues in order to attract the attention and increase the interest of students to know more about public institutions.

The first section is dedicated to the Albanian Parliament, as the most important institution in a democratic society. The section started with the history of the Parliamentarism in Albania pointing out the crucial moments. A special focus in this part of the manual is paid towards the role of legislative power as well as parliamentary committees and the principles based on which they operate. The relations between legislative power and other powers (executive and judiciary) as well as the correlation between it and independent institutions, which periodically report to the Parliament (such as :the Supreme State Audit, High Council of Justice, the General Prosecutor, Authority of Financial Control, etc) are further elaborated. In addition, a particular attention is devoted to process of law making and its entry into force.

The institution of the President of the Republic of Albania forms part of the manual, taking into consideration its crucial role in the constitutional framework of the country. The President is the highest representative of Albanian state and symbolizes the unity of nation. This part of the manual will equip readers with detailed information about the role of President in a democratic society and its relations with other state institutions.

The executive power and it relations with the legislative power is addressed longer in the manual. In order to have a comprehensive coverage of all institutions in this publication, the third section is dedicated to the central and local government. The role and composition of the Council of Ministers, as the central unit are some of the issues treated in that part of manual. A special attention is also paid towards the institutions of local governments since they are closer to the citizens through the services they offers and the communication line citizens-institutions is more direct.

All these issues are elaborated in  “Informative Manual on the Albanian Institutions” available only in Albanian language.