Informative session in Elbasan: Presentation of Albanian Law Journal

On the 26th of May 2017, with the cooperation of University “Aleksandër Xhuvani” of Elbasan, European Movement in Albania held the introductory activity for the Albanian Law Journal (AJL), an initiative   supported by Netherlands Embassy in Albania. .

The introductory event was attended by more than 60 students and lecturers, including the Vice Rector of the University of Elbasan and Prof. As. Peçi Naqellari. In his speech, Mr. Naqellari expressed his appreciation for the fruitful and continuous cooperation between the University and the European Movement in Albania, and how these initiatives undertaken by EMA directly benefits students, academics, and the university itself. He also expressed his commitment to the continuation of such initiatives.

Mr. Gledis Gjipali, the Executive Director of the European Movement Albania, during his introductory speech about Albanian Law Journal, highlighted that the target of this journal will be mainly legal professionals, but also professionals of other fields and citizens interested in legal matters. The authors of the ALJ are expected to give their own contributions by analysing Albanian legislation and legal practices and invited all interested to become part of it, welcoming the ideas and contributions that they can offer.

After that, Ms. Nirvana Deliu, EMA Junior Policy Researcher, made a brief presentation of the magazine and its main objectives: as a thorough analysis of the legal framework and the implementation of recommendations and suggestions, as well as providing a space for public debate and involvement in the aspects of the legal and institutional framework. Ms. Deliu stopped in the description of the four pillars of the Magazine and introduced the themes of articles found in the first issue of ALJ and those expected to be published in the second issue. Ms. Deliu additionally invited the interested parties to send their articles to the editorial staff. At the end of the event, discussions were held and questions from the participants about the opportunities for contributions and collaborations and other information needed to become part of the Albanian Law Journal were taken.