National Convention on European Integration January-July 2015

national convention on eu integrationPerceiving EU integration not as a mere institutional agenda, but as an ambitious development project being continuously determined by the whole society, the role of civil society and citizens actively committed is crucial to promote European values and raise awareness in the public opinion on the impact and benefits of EU Membership for Albania.European Movement Albania (EMA), in cooperation with Ministry of European Integration and line ministries has launched National Convention on European Integration. Being a unique model developed firstly by the Slovak Foreign Policy Association and extended in Serbia, Montenegro, B&H, Ukraine and Moldova, the convention’s goal is to institutionalize the public debate in EU related issues based on the partnership of governmental, non-governmental and business organizations. It aims to increase the participation of all segments of Albanian society in the formulation and making of national policies, strengthen the expert capacities on negotiations on EU Integration and creating an interactive and permanent information channel for the general public. In this first period of the project’s implementation, four Working Groups have been set up. They bring together representatives of governmental structures as well as experts from NGOs and the private sector. The working groups address the most challenging chapters in Albania’s accession process: Judiciary and Fundamental Rights; Justice, Freedom and Security; Agriculture and Rural Development; Environment.