National Resource Center for Civil Society in Albania: Mentoring Sessions

Under the project National Resource Center for Civil Society in Albania, implemented by Partners in Albania for Change and Development in partnership with European Movement in Albania, EMA and its experts are contributing with a series of mentoring sessions.

The mentoring sessions aim at providing practical instructions and to offer a clear orientation on the consultation process – focused on technical elements and details to take into account, and how this process is directly linked with European Integration and Accession Talks. The consultation process for one of the strategic documents prepared under EI such as National Plan on European Integration is being explained and clarified.

Main topics of the mentoring sessions include:

1) Information on Consultation Process – focus on the Law for Public Consultation

2) Consultation process for NPEI

3) Consultation structures for CSOs in Albania – National Council on EI, National Convention on EI and Partnership Platform on EI

4) How to apply for being part of the tables of PPEI (guidelines on what to include on the application)

5) How do the tables function and which are the role and benefits of the members of these tables.

The mentoring sessions are being organised in small groups of 4-5 participants. So far10 mentoring sessions have been organized during the period 19-29 April 2022 and 27-31 March 2023.