Education and Scientific Research in Albania

On 22 February, European Movement Albania, in collaboration with Balkans Policy Research Group (BPRG) and European Movement Novi Sad, Serbia , supported by Western Balkan Fund have organised the Regional Forum “Education and research in Western Balkan Region: An assessment of countries’ experiences and their performance in EU funded programmes.” This study analyzes the current situation regarding the capacity to absorb EU funding for education, research and science programs in Balkan countries, especially in Albania, Kosovo and Serbia. This study aims to provide a general overview of the field of education and scientific research by presenting the current situation across the Western Balkans through a comparative approach, trying to analyze previous experiences in the last decade and current performance, obstacles and the results of the respective countries.

Redi Shtino: The greatest responsibility lies with our institutions that have not given due attention to the commitments that we have at the European project level and program level. I invite you to help us and together with the European delegation we can program together an intervention to make a definitive contribution to the identification of research funding in the country.

Gledis Gjipali: There are many deficiencies; there are many areas that are uncovered either with human resources or with infrastructure of course.

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