Policy Study: Albania’s challenges in benefiting from the Human Resources Development Component (IPA IV), November 2012

Photo-Policy Study- Albania's challenges in benefiting from the HRDC (IPA IV)EMA has the pleasure to share with you the Policy Study- Albania’s challenges in benefiting from the HRDC (IPA IV).

The past twenty years of transition have exposed Albania  to major difficulties in adapting to the reality free market  economy, generating drastic changes in the functioning  of the labour market and consequent re-structuring of  employment policies. Meanwhile, the intensification of  the European integration process increases the pressure  on Albania in taking the responsibility of ensuring  a more functional labour market. The European  Union supports Albania’s effort to meet membership  requirements through the Instrument of Pre Accession  (IPA), and in particular, it offers candidate countries the  possibility to benefit from IPA component IV on Human  Resources Development, a transitory assistance for the  management of funds of the European Social Fund in  the future. Albania is expected to use these years in  order to make the necessary institutional arrangements  and preparations to benefit from these funds.  This study aims to shed light and encourage a discussion  on the effectiveness of current employment policies  as well as on Albania’s readiness to benefit from IPA  component IV on human resources development.  The Policy Study explores features of the labour market  in Albania and the impact of employment policies  applied, identifying recommendations for policy review  and improvement.