Policy Study: Connectivity for Development, taking the Highway for Economic Growth, November 2018

The goal of this study is to contribute in the documentation of progress that Albania, Kosovo and Serbia have achieved in implementing the commitments taken in framework of the Connectivity Agenda. It seeks to draw the attention on the need to develop monitoring mechanisms at regional level, so as to ensure a timely implementation of these priority investment projects at cross-border level, as well as to enhance visibility, raise awareness and transparency for the domestic constituencies. Finally, the paper aims to identify concrete recommendation on improving the situation on infrastructural connectivity between Albania, Kosovo and Serbia in the context of economic growth and future prosperity that facilitates the EU integration process, by highlighting priority areas and potential win-win outcomes. This publication has been prepared by D4D, EMA and Transconflict Serbia with the support of European Fund for Balkans, as part of the Think and Link program.

Connectivity for Development, taking the Highway for Economic Growth