Policy study: Is the return worth it? On the reintegration of high skilled returnees in Albania, December 2011

Photo-Policy Study- Is the return worth it- on the reintegration of high skilled returneesEMA has the pleasure to share with you the Policy Brief: “Is the return worth it On the reintegration of high skilled returnees in Albania

Considering the contribution of highly qualified professionals in consolidating democracy and building a modern society, this paper aims to shed light on some aspects of their reintegration in Albania. In this paper, concrete experiences of the highly qualified professionals are analyzed and confronted with the views of a wide range of state and non-state actors engaged in their re-integration. The data obtained from the on line questionnaire completed by 66 high qualified professionals who have studied abroad, bring an added value to the paper by offering a comprehensive analysis regarding their reintegration in Albania. The paper presents synthetically the brain drain phenomenon by identifying the policies encouraging the return and reintegration of the qualified professionals in their country of origin.Moreover, through qualitative and quantitative analysis the policy paper strives to shed light on the effectiveness of policies in place by suggesting a set of measures and advocacy instruments to improve the current situation. By identifying specific concerns of high skilled returnees EMA tries to encourage the public debate on how to make best use of the human capital through better structured and comprehensive policies. It is published on the framework of Group 484 regional project “Advocating for ‘Brain Gain’ policies aimed at reintegration of the high-skilled returnees in the Western Balkans” and supported through the cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – Tirana Office.