Florian Xhafa
Member of Board of Directors

Mr. Florian Xhafa obtained his BA in Law awarded with distinctions in 1999, and his Master of Arts Degree in European Studies in 2008 from Tirana University. Mr. Xhafa is a senior lawyer and policy expert with over 16 years of intensive experience in policy and legal analysis, policy and legal drafting of several important areas of law and development issues. During his long professional experience, Mr. Xhafa has gained a combined experience in the public and private sector which provides him with insight in both aspects of law and policy making.

Mr. Xhafa possesses a thorough knowledge of European law having covered important positions during the different stages of the European Integration process of Albania. From 2001 to 2004 he was engaged in the European Integration Department of the Prime Minister’s office. In this occasion he extensively dealt with policy and legal analysis relevant to the Internal Market areas during the phase of preparation for the adoption of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) between European Union and Albania. He was entitled with essential responsibilities in the negotiation and monitoring process of the implementation of the SAA provisions on Internal Market. From 2004 to 2007, Mr. Xhafa covered the position of Head of Coordination Unit for the Approximation of Legislation, at the Ministry of European Integration. In this occasion, he, coordinated the transposition within the Albanian legislation of the European Union legislation related to the Energy, Environment, Agriculture; Rural Development, Customs, Maritime and Railway Transport, Company Law, etc. as well as managed and coordinated the training program of the European Commission (TAIEX Program for Albania).  Since leaving civil service, Mr. Xhafa worked in many projects financed by international organizations such as EU Commission, WB, UNDP, OSCE, as a policy and legal consultant. Mr. Xhafa is also a Lecturer at Tirana Business University on Consumer Protection and author and co-author of several publications.

Ilir Aliaj
Member of Board of Directors

Ilir Aliaj is one of the founders of the European Movement in Albania and currently sits in the Board of Directors. He holds two Bachelor degrees from University of Tirana in Geography and Law, and a Master degree from the College of Europe, in "Pre-accessing Strategies" Simon Stevin promotion. Mr. Aliaj, is Executive Director of Centre for Development and Democratization of Institutions, a think tank based in Tirana, Albania. He has been working for eight years as a journalist in different Albanian newspapers and published several articles on access to information, European accession strategies and the role of European Court of Human Rights in shaping the constitutional order of Albania. He speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, French and Italian.

Gledis Gjipali
Executive Director

Mr. Gjipali has considerable experience in implementing and managing different projects on European integration, experience that he first reflected in the position of the Program Director and later of the Executive Director of EMA. Some of the most important initiatives undertaken include: the National Convention on EU Integration, a platform about the cooperation between state institutions and civil society; European Integration and Negotiation Academy, with main focus the preparation of experts from various sectors regarding EU accession negotiations; EuroSpeak, an informative window on the European Union and the progress of the integration process. Mr. Gjipali graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana in 2004. In 2005 he conducted a working practice at the Council of Europe, General Directorate of Political Affairs. He has worked for several years at the Ministry of European Integration (2004-2008) at the Legislation Approximation Directorate, addressing areas of immigration, organized crime, judicial cooperation, human rights and personal data protection. Later in the Justice and Home Affairs Department, he was engaged in the reform of the judicial system and property rights. During this period he has been a member of the working teams for drafting important strategic documents such as the National Plan for Legislation Approximation, the National Plan for the Implementation of the MSA, etc. He has been as well a member of the Albania-EU Working Groups in which a constant reporting was made about the issues and the progress achieved in different fields. He has published several studies and reports in the field of European Integration, free movement of persons, EU assistance in regional and rural development, electoral systems and parliament. For several years he has been the author of Freedom House's Nations in Transit Countries Report for Albania. He is a member of the National Council of European Integration as well as in some other advisory boards related to research and civil society. Mr. Gjipali speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English and Italian.

Nirvana Deliu
Project Coordinator/ Policy Researcher


Nirvana has been working at European Movement Albania (EMA) as a policy researcher and project coordinator for more than 7 years. She has completed her Bachelor Studies in Political Sciences, in Faculty of Social Sciences in Tirana and after that, she has successfully completed in 2015 a Master of Science in Theory of Politics at the same university. In meantime, she has conducted a Specializing Master on International Relations, at Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy throughout the year 2014. At EMA, Nirvana as a policy researcher/project coordinator contributes in everyday activities consisting of coordination of projects, implementation of activities, conducting research and analysis as well as preparing different policy papers and other relevant publications. Her work at EMA is mostly focused on issues related to migration, legislation in this area, harmonization of the Albanian legal framework with EU Acquis and development policies not only in Albania but also in the region and the EU. Many of the projects she coordinates and capacity-building activities and networking initiatives she has contributed in, are focused on topics related with human rights, regular and irregular migration, asylum, border security and visa policy.  She has worked as an adjunct lecturer at University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences in the department of Political Sciences for about two years (2018-2020). Her fields of expertise include migration and human rights, international relations and regional development, philosophy and ethics. She speaks: Albanian (mother tongue), English and Italian, and she has basic knowledge of French.

Endrita Shehu
Junior Policy Researcher

Endrita has earned her Bachelor’s degree in the field of Political Science and International Relations at Yildiz Technical University/Istanbul as a full scholarship holder. Her academic background provides basic knowledge of Comparative Politics, International Law and Economics but her main focus is on regional cooperation and public policy making. Having studied in Belgrade and Istanbul, Endrita participated in international youth programs that promoted peace and friendship between post-war countries and realized that looking beyond respective political views and tolerating opinions that are contrary to yours can be achievable. She has also worked for a year at “Bilim Kahramanları Derneği” where she encountered a NGO’s primary functions. Endrita became part of EMA through the internship program where she developed her research skills with proven ability to monitor and draft papers and reports of ongoing policy processes and decisions with regards to EU - Albania relations. Likewise, she continues to contribute with written articles, innovative ideas and participates in the projects that EMA is implementing in Albania. Moreover, she is fluent in English, Turkish, Serbian and has basic knowledge of Italian.

Geri Dorzi 
Junior Legal Researcher

Geri has concluded his Bachelor’s degree in Law and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Civil Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. During his earlier academic years, Geri was involved as a long-term election observer for the Albanian Helsinki Committee, and also as an operator of voters’ electronic identification device for the Central Election Commission, on two separate occasions, and understood the electoral system from a practical perspective. Previously, he was engaged in an attorney’s office where he studied former lawsuits and followed the progress of ongoing cases. Later, he concluded a 3 months internship at the Academy of European Integration and Negotiations (AIEN), where he was involved in project implementation, preparation of activities, assisting in writing project proposals, and maintenance of AIEN’s social media. His work at EMA is mostly focused on the interpretation of legal documents, preparation of reports, summaries, legal advice, and study of proposed and enacted legislation. Through his work at EMA, Geri has enhanced his knowledge about the mutual recognition of professional qualifications under EU Acquis and generally about economic chapters of the EU Acquis. His main areas of interest are human rights, the geopolitics of Europe, the parliamentary system, and civil society. He speaks English fluently and has basic knowledge of Italian.

Enva Çela
Financial Assistant 

Enva has completed her Bachelor Studies in Banking and Finance at Epoka University and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in International Relations for Project Evaluation and Management at European University of Tirana. During her earlier academic years, Enva conducted an internship at a private firm called AL-BE. She earned experience on how an accounting officer interacts with large companies.  After graduation, Enva started working at Kuka Studio as an Accountant, where she was responsible to manage all accounting transactions, handle monthly and annual closings and generate reports of financial statements. Shortly after, she participated at United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as part of In Motion Program. Gather socio-economic information for the small businesses and fosters them through technical assistance to improve their conditions of working and financial situation was her main focus. Enva is currently part of EMA as a Financial Officer, where she is responsible to develop and monitor budgets, ensure grants are matched with corresponding expenses within the accounting system and assist Program Director and Project Manager with the preparation of budgets for funding aplications. She speaks: Albanian (mother tounge), English, Italian and has basic knowledge of German.

Mona Xhexhaj
Associate Researcher

Ms. Xhexhaj was initially acquainted with the work of EMA from the Practice Program in 2012. She has been engaged as Policy Researcher and now as Associate researcher. Since Mona's work is focused on promoting, involving and informing various civil society actors in the European integration process, she has contributed as Project Coordinator to the Academy of European Integration and Negotiation and to the European Integration Convention, two initiatives aimed at establishing capacities and all-inclusiveness in the framework of integration. Furthermore, Mona has co-managed for several years projects focusing on youth involvement in local, national and European decision making, such as Europe Day, and Youth as actors in participating in Democracy and Institution Transparency, Youth in Electoral Processes by providing trainings and monitoring work, as well as collaborations with local institutions. Ms. Xhexhaj is also Editor-in-Chief of the EuroSpeak online magazine. She is a contact point for Erasmus + projects. Mona represents EMA and closely follows regional projects such as the Regional Convention on European Integration, the Berlin Process - the Civil Society Forum and conducts meetings with the European Commission and the European Parliament. In 2017 she graduated from the Council of Europe Leadership Program conducted by the Albanian School of Political Studies. Mona holds a Diploma of Political Science with a focus on International Relationships provided by the University of New York in Tirana / Empire State College in USA, in 2013. During her studies she volunteered to UNYT Student Union as Vice President. Ms. Xhexhaj has gained her first working experience from an internship program at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as part-time as a Training and Event Coordinator at the Eunacal Institute. Her areas of interest are European Integration and Negotiations, IPA Funds absorption, Communication, Institutional Transparency and Accountability, Regional Cooperation, Involvement of Youth in Decision-Making. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, Italian, French and has basic knowledge of German and Serbian.

Mimoza Agolli
Associate Policy Researcher

Mimoza is a key contributor to EMA's Socio-economic Dimension of European Integration Programme. She graduated in 1998 for Tourism Management, holds a master degree in Economics and Management Sciences and a Diploma of Specialized post-University Studies (D.S.P.U) from Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece. Mimoza is attending PhD studies on Quantitative Economics, at Christian-Albrecht's University, Kiel - Germany. She has worked as researcher and trade policy analyst at Albanian Center for International Trade (ACIT) focusing on quantitative oriented research on trade policies and their economic effect. She has paid special attention to explore foreign trade developments and policy options to improve and support positive developments in Albanian International Trade flows. Furthermore, she has been research consultant for the evaluation and capacity assessment consultant for the Human Development Report 2008, UNDP. During her work as consultant, Ms. Agolli has explored the national rural budgeting process and the economic relevance this sector has for the Albanian development. Ms. Agolli has written several publications, study reports and statistical analyzes on these issues. She speaks Albanian (Mother tongue), English, Italian, German and Greek.

Elda Zotaj
Associate Policy Researcher

Dr. Elda Zotaj is a lecturer at the Department of Political Science at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Aleksandër Moisiu, Durrës. She holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Tirana, the Faculty of Social Sciences (Second Level Integrated Degree, DIND in Social Work), a Master’ Degree of Second Level, MND in European Studies from the same University. Also she has a PhD in Diplomacy and International Relations of the EU  from University of Tirana, Institute of European Studies. Currently she is holding  the position of Head of the Department of Political Science at University of Aleksandër Moisiu. Dr. Elda Zotaj is the author of some publications in scientific journals and of regional, national and international conferences in the field of Political Science.  Her most relevant publications are: "The European Union and the Democratic Conditioning Mechanism, the impact on the Western Balkan Countries" (2017; Romania); "Existing Communist Democrats, an Unfinished Process, Albania's Case" (2016; Serbia) "An Analysis of Albanian Politics and Constitutional Changes of 2008" (2013, Italy).

Gentiola Madhi
Associate Policy Researcher

Gentiola Madhi graduated at the College of Europe (Bruges campus) in the Master’s programme on EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies as well as in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in International Studies at the University of Florence. In 2011 she received a postgraduate annual diploma in Advanced European Studies from the European College of Parma. Mrs. Madhi has a considerable work experience in the civil society sector and public administration in Albania. She has been a Visiting Research Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy in Prague and has held research fellowships issued by Kosovo Open Society Foundation, Think Visegrad Platform, and Institute for European Democrats in Brussels. Mrs. Madhi has worked also in the field of development cooperation in the Western Balkan countries and in Uganda. Her research interests include regional cooperation, connectivity agenda, EU enlargement and politicization. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, Italian, French, Turkish and has basic knowledge of Spanish.

Embro Ahmetaj
Legal Researcher

Embro Ahmetaj was born in the city of Gjirokastra on 16 August 1991. He has completed his studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana in 2014. He has completed the National School of Advocacy and after finishing the studies he worked as a lawyer assistant. Since 2015, he has been engaged as an adjunct lecturer at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana, in the courses like: "European Union Law and the Common Market" as well as in the "Philosophy of Law". AS concerning, academic engagement he has contributed with several articles to national scientific journals, while partaking in different conferences. Embro is also involved in various projects in the area of ​​drafting and monitoring of national legislation and projects related with European integration processes. In 2016, he was appointed as Civil Servant at the State Advocacy Office at the International Court of Justice and International Arbitration Representation Office, where he was involved in preparing comments before the European Court of Human Rights and other international arbitration tribunals. From December 2018 he has been titled State Attorney at the State Advocacy Office at the Office of Representatives of the Council of Ministers, dealing with the legal representation of the Council of Ministers at all levels of the trial.

Evis Fico
Legal and Policy Expert

Holds a Bachelor degree in Law studies from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and has finished a Master of Science in Southeast European Studies in 2005. She attended the Albanian School of Political Studies in 2008. Evis also completed an intensive and advanced specialized theoretical and practical modules in Law and Economics at Riga School of Law, Latvia.Upon her return to Albania in 2006 she became part of the public administration where she held public office for 12 consecutive years in the National Employment Service as a leader in the field of migration and labor relations and later as an employment services expert. She has been the representative and rapporteur of the inter-institutional working group to the European Commission on fulfilling the criteria and tasks for the purpose of visa liberalization for Albania.Evis has a long experience and expertise in the fields of migration, employment, human rights, social rights and others, not only at the executive level and policy implementation, but also in their drafting, as a proponent and co-author of a series of amendments in legislation and in drafting of strategies and important legal acts. She has also experience as a researcher, lecturer and most recently is a member of the National Bar Association.

Holta Ymeri
Legal and policy expert

Ms. Holta Ymeri is a senior lawyer with over 8 years of intensive experience in legal and policy consultancy. She combines a Western European education with an Albanian working experience. Ms. Ymeri obtained her MBA in Law from “La Sapienza” University of Rome, in 2008 and her LLM in European Law, awarded with distinction, from Maastricht University Law School in 2015. As an Albanian attorney, she has been representing national and international clients, advising public authorities in challenging projects and has worked closely with international law firms. As a policy consultant, she has been working in several policy development projects, providing her expertise in the fields of energy, environment and human rights. She gained extensive knowledge on European Law during her master studies and particularly focusing on European protection of Human Rights and the complaint procedures before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). She is also author and co-author of several publications and papers. Given her collaborations with EMA, she has contributed in several initiatives and activities conducted by EMA with the main focus Environmental issues, legislation and its protection based on EU standards and criteria, energy and its security, human rights etc. Furthermore, Holta is the Editor in Chief of the Albanian Law Journal, implemented by EMA as the only online journal focused in legal matters and distributed online in both languages, in Albanian and English. Holta speaks Albanian (native language), English, Italian and has basic knowledge of Turkish language.

Dorina Ndreka
Associate Policy Researcher

Dorina Ndreka is a full-time lecturer at the Department of Justice at the “Alexandër Moisiu” University of Durrës since 2009. She graduated as a lawyer at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana and then in 2009 she concluded her master’s in European Studies at the University of Tirana. Her PhD thesis was “The impact of the European Law on the development of Public International Law. Since 2005 she has been actively working as a lawyer in civil and administrative law matters. She has a vast experience in the field of Legal Issues and Judicial Expertise Counseling. She participates in a large number of national and international scientific conferences and also has published a variety of scientific articles in scientific journals in Albania and abroad. Mrs. Ndreka has also written several scientific papers on various issues such as EU security policies, Crime's Civil Compensation, International Law Standards on Labour Law etc.

Olta Qejvani 
Legal Researcher

Olta Qejvani is a lecturer of European Law at "Aleksandër Moisiu" University, Durrës since 2016. She contributes at the university with many research-based activities related to: EU law, participation of youth in decision-making and democracy. She has worked for 6 years with youth in three main areas: civil society, academic arenas and public administration. Her experience in the Prime Minister's Office for about three years has strengthened her ability to improve youth policies and employment laws. Olta is the author of many articles related with good governance, public administration, Albanian membership in the EU and EU law. She has drafted a Report on the Situation of Human Rights for persons convicted of deprivation of liberty as a result of her monitoring work in the Albanian Penitentiary System; the report on the new law on local referendums in Albania, etc. Olta is a graduate of very high academic achievements, where she has won the Medal of Honor at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. She has represented Albania at the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities at the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, where her project was considered one of the best ideas referring to the participation of young people in local government. She has participated in several local, national and international conferences.

Sajmira Kopani
Legal Researcher  

Sajmira Kopani is graduated with honours for Bachelor and Master Degree on Public Law at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law. During the course of her studies, Sajmira has been active in Centre for Legal Civic Initiatives (CLCI NGO) and Law Clinic, by assisting in providing legal advises and contributing as junior researcher in different projects. For a year she held the position of the Vice President of Academic Activities at the European Law Students' Association, Albania (ELSA Albania). During this year she was the Academic Coordinator of Albanian Legal Research Group on the topic: “Freedom of Expression and Protection of Journalistic Resources” a researcher on the topic “Social Rights, Austerity Measures and their Implications -The Role of the European Social Charter in Maintaining Minimum Social Standards in Countries Undergoing Austerity Measures” and also contributed in organizing and participated in several conferences, moot courts and trainings. She is appointed as a Legal Assistant by EMA, on July 2016 and she contributes in drafting reports and publications. Currently, she is also a part-time teaching assistant, leading seminars at Tirana University, Faculty of Law. Sajmira’s research interests are in European Union law and policy. She has a special interest on private international law and human rights. Sajmira speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English and Italian.

Blerta Hoxha
Associate Policy Researcher

Blerta has previously covered the role of researcher at the Albanian Council on Foreign Relations (ACFR), policy assistant at the Association for European Performers Organisation (AEPO-ARTIS) in Brussels, policy assistant at the European Association for Viewers Interests (EAVI) in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme in Brussels as well as intern at the Albanian Embassy to France. Mrs. Hoxha holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science and International Relations (2006), and a Master degree in International Relations and European Integration (2008) from Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. In June 2009, she completed her Master in European Political and Administrative Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges. Her research activities and publications cover the areas of Freedom, Security and Justice in the EU, the Enlargement of the EU towards the Western Balkans, EU Telecommunication policies, and Clientela relations between the European Commission and the Civil Society. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, French and Italian.

Ines Stasa
Associate Policy Researcher

Ines was engaged at EMA through an internship programme implemented in cooperation with the Albanian Assembly and due to her proactive attitude and willingness, she became part of our team.  Ms. Stasa holds a bachelor degree in Political Science, from Tirana University and is currently attending Master studies in International Relations. Since January 2011, she works at National Employment Service, which matches with her fields of interests, such as public administration and policy making. Ms. Stasa is the author of three essay books where the last one was published in cooperation with one of the well-known cartoonist in Albania; "Suspense". Several of her articles are published in national daily newspapers and news blogs such as "Shqip" and Balkan Web. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English and Italian.

Borana Shala
Associate Researcher

Borana Shala holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and Management (2010), a Master degree in European and International studies and in European Law (2013) from the University of Strasbourg in France. In June 2014, she completed her second Master in European Political and Administrative Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges. As part of her work experience, Borana has done an internship at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of European Integration in Albania and has participated in different conferences in Europe and beyond. Borana has also been working as a journalist for Dokufest (Documentary film Festival in Prizren, Kosovo) and has published different articles in the Albanian and Kosovo’s main newspapers. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, French and Italian.


Mirjon Mulgeci
September 2023- ongoing  

Mirjon Mulgeci is currently studying law at the University of Tirana. He started to be involved in youth activism during highschool where he also recognized the importance of civil society. Mirjon has been part of many youth activities with a particular focus on human rights where we can mention the training about applying to the European Court of Human Rights as well as several workshops organized by the faculty on freedom of expression and hate speech. Mirjoni believes that one of the biggest problems today is access to information, therefore he tries to spread information and opportunities to his friends and community through various means of communication. He likes to travel, read books and watch historical and political movies. Also, Mirjon has a passion for diplomacy and classical architecture and speaks English and Italian.

Xhon Muslli
July 2023- ongoing

Xhon Muslli has completed his higher education in law at the European University of Tirana. During his studies, he actively participated in administrative activities, offering assistance in various projects and engaging in a series of activities organized by UET. He was elected as a representative in the academic senate for one year. After completing his studies with satisfactory results, he was employed in the public sector as a specialist at the State Cadastre Agency, supporting the office's work with various legal practices related to immovable properties in the Korça region. Currently, he is in the final stages of completing his Master's degree in Public Law at the Faculty of Law. He has consistently participated in scientific conferences and training programs within his fields of interest, particularly focusing on Albania's integration processes into the European Union, the rule of law, the social mission of the state, democratic governance, and the protection of human rights. He has also participated in the fifth edition of the national competition "Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow," which recognizes entrepreneurial abilities. Since 2018, he has been part of a group of volunteers in the Municipality of Tirana. Xhon has knowledge of the English and Italian languages and enjoys active and tactical sports. 

Ani Lulja
January 2023- June 2023

Ani Lulja is a student at Epoka University, enrolled in the Political Science and International Relations program, where she is currently finishing her last year of bachelor studies. During her studies, she was an exchange student at Europa Universitat Flensburg (EUF) where she gained international experience and better interaction in a multicultural environment. Her areas of interest are focused on post-conflict resolution, human rights and European integration. Ani has also worked as a HR & Office Coordinator at a Furniture Manufacturer. Outside of academics, her hobbies include taekwondo, swimming, traveling and cooking as she holds a culinary degree. She speaks Albanian, English and she has a good knowledge of Spanish.

Bleona Bejleri
November 2022–January 2023

Bleona Bejleri holds a Bachelor’s degree with a full scholarship in Political Science and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Regional Political Studies, at the University of Tirana in Albania. During her studies she participated in summer schools, workshops and other activities mainly focused in the field EU policies and international relations. These experiences have contributed in developing her theoretical and practical skills. The European Union has always been one of Bleona’s main interests and one of the reasons she decided to apply for this internship. She is fluent in English and has basic knowledge of the Italian. Spanish, Turkish and Korean languages.  

Erina Troka
September 2022- March 2023

Erina Troka holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Tirana University and is currently concluding a Master program in the Netherlands in European Business Law. During her studies she participated in a traineeship at DLL, an international financial company in the Netherlands. As part of the legal department of the company, Erina was involved in the Sustainability Project. She was part of a cross-functional team preparing an impact assessment for the company on new legislation on Sustainable Finance. Her duties in this team included analyzing the legislation and assisting in drafting legal memos for the stakeholders. Erina’s interests lie in how new advancements in technology are impacting our society and how the law is adapting, focusing on the European Union and European legislation specifically, which incentivized her to answer EMA’s call for internship. As Albania starts the negotiations to join the EU, CSO’s will have a significant role to play in our country’s adherence to European standards, she can be a part of that with EMA. Erina speaks English, Italian and Turkish.

Ana Bojaxhi
June 2022- August 2022

Ana Bojaxhi is currently completing her bachelor's degree on Liberal Arts at St. John’s College. She has been working as a clerk for her college bookstore and at one of the best coffee shops in the world, Starbucks. Thus she is very experienced in customer service and in dealing with complicated or uncomfortable situations. Before going to college she also worked for a family owned restaurant and after that decided she wanted to participate in something more hands-on by joining a new political party named Sfida where she assisted with the development of the campaign and was one of the parties responsible for social media advertisement. Ms. Bojaxhi is willing to learn and eager to participate in any way needed. She has two first languages, Albanian and English.

Gesjana Halili
March 2022- August 2022

Gesjana Halili has completed her Bachelor's degree of Albanian Language and Literature with excellent results, at University of Elbasan, Faculty of Human Sciences. She has recently graduated in Historical Linguistics (MA studies) at University of Tirana, Faculty of History and Philology. During her studies, she had the opportunity to be part of an exchange program at University of La Sapienza. She has attended various trainings and summer schools with focus in Linguistics, European Integration and society. She took part on International Centre at the University of Pécs (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Political Science and International Studies, Hungary) summer school with focus on European integration: “EUtopia2021-27? Visions and Missions of Europe”. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, Italian and has good knowledge of French and German language.

Besjana Lazja
January 2022- March 2022

Besjana has completed her Bachelor and Master studies in Sociology, at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana. She has worked as Project Coordinator for the NGO “Walk in my shoes” concerning the Roma community in Albania. Moreover, she has written three research papers related to the challenges that this community faces in our country. Se has participated in different trainings and capacity-building activities. Besjana is eager to increase her knowledge regarding the EU integration process of Albania and learn more about Civil Society Organizations. She speaks English and has a basic knowledge of German.

Gladiola Lleshi
November 2021 - March 2022

Gladiola holds a Bachelor’s of Law degree from Luarasi University and is particularly focused on EU and International law. Her academic background varies from law to psychology, social care and the intersection of these disciplines. In addition, throughout her studies Gladiola has participated in moot courts and trainings focused on human rights issues on a national and international level. As an active member of UN Youth Association Albania, she has conceptualized, coordinated and implemented various activities targeting youth issues and global challenges with a focal point on local communities. Currently, Gladiola is part of the FutureGov Fellows 2021 at the Center for Policy Innovation. Gladiola is an avid activist of various social issues, particularly gender equality and disability rights, volunteering for the Down Syndrome Albania Foundation. She is passionate about writing and research on citizen engagement, democratic processes and policy-making. Gladiola speaks English and Albanian.

Jasna Becker
October 2021 - December 2021

Jasna is an intern from Germany. She completed her Bachelor's degree of Cultural Studies in 2018 and continued with the same course in her masters, which is still ongoing. Her field of interest lies in intercultural initiatives and projects. She has been part of different German-Kenyan cooperation which focused on the exchange of ideas and intercultural understanding. Her motivation to join EMA for an internship was to explore a more political and Europe-based work field, which also involves intercultural communication and coordination as different interests come together. Jasna speaks German, English and Spanish.

Isabell Kozlowski
October 2021 – December 2021

Isabell holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and is currently finishing her Master’s degree in Cultural Studies at the University of Leipzig in Germany. Since the studies encompasses many different disciplines, she has focused on the field of migration. During her work with refugees and their integration into Germany, she developed an interest in the policy-making of the European Union and its consequences for the migration process. Through the internship at EMA, she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the operations and mechanisms of the EU, as well as gain insights into the work of a NGO. Isabell speaks German, English, French and has basic knowledge of Indonesian and Spanish.

Agri Hysenj
July 2021 - September  2021

Agri is on the verge of completing his bachelor’s degree studies in European Studies and Laws at Osnabruck University in Germany and plans in the future to pursue a master’s degree in European Governance. During his studies, he has mentored newly arrived international students and has also assisted as a translator at the Osnabruck city asylum center. During his studies, he has participated in two Simulation Models for the EU Institutions with the support of the Federal Agency for Political Education in Berlin. He was encouraged to become part of EMA given that the focus of his studies is the EU- and European Integration, a focus that is in accordance with EMA's mission. His main areas of interest are worker's rights, political activism in civil society, environmental protection politics, and geopolitics. He speaks Albanian, German, English, Italian and has basic knowledge of Spanish.

Miga Xhafa
June 2020 - February 2021

Miga Xhafa is currently pursuing her studies in Criminal Law, the Master of Science program at the University of Tirana. She has been a participant in several different organizations, activities where among them stands out the 3-month project with the theme " The United Nations Convention against Corruption, Global Corruption, Good Governance, Albania, Lebanon and the United States" in collaboration with Washington & Lee University in the USA, University of Tirana, La Sagesse University and Beirut Arab University of Lebanon. In this project she has presented various researches on the level of corruption in Albania and beyond. Followed by will and practicality, the desire to promote the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual and to be closer to various European policies, in parallel with her studies, she is also engaged at the organization European Movement of Albania. Its interests remain in the field of European policies, practices and jurisprudence that the EU offers and their adaptation at the national level. Miga speaks Albanian, English and Turkish, and also has basic knowledge of German.

Marina Pilinçi
October 2020 - December 2020

Marina has a Bachelor degree in Law and is currently a student in the second year of the Master of Civil and Commercial Law at the University Luarasi, Tirana. During her studies she has shown interest especially in issues related to the European Union. These interests have been put into practice through participation in various workshops and presentations in student conferences related to the European Union and the Integration of Albania. She has also volunteered in many different activities mentioning the Europe Fair, Solidarity Action Day Movement In Europe (SAME) and European Union funded project as si E-Citizens-Albania in Europe.  Marina has completed a 3- month internship at the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) as well as at the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination. She is fluent in English and German and has a good knowledge of Italian.

Jonida Zaimi
October 2020 - March 2021

Jonida has just finished her studies in MSc Public Administration at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana. During her studies, she has been engaged in different internships and social activities. She has shown commitment, especially in environmental volunteering work and activism. Also, Jonida has contributed to the promotion of the platform, which aims to involve more citizens in decision-making regarding urban development in some main cities. She is eager to know more about the Ngo's environment and Albanian Integration process in the EU. She speaks Albanian, English, Italian and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.

Burhan Guven
July 2020 - October 2020

Burhan graduated with a degree of BBA in Economics at Kennesaw State University which is located in Atlanta, USA. While completing his studies in the US, he took place in many volunteering events in which he contributed more than 80 hours for the time he’s been there. Burhan, during the August of 2017 started working as an student assistant for the department of Economics, Finance and Quantitative Analysis at Kennesaw State University, where he worked there until May 2018. There, Burhan assisted with tutoring other students, organizing the monthly curriculum of instructors, and last but not the least assisting instructors with their daily tasks. In December 2017, Burhan successfully completed a one-month accounting internship with a multi-million dollar company called Marel Inc. located in Seattle, Washington. There he assisted other accountants with daily reports, research, filing, data entry, and completing financial records. During his Junior year as a bachelor student, he got a job as an intern at a construction company called Builderstock which is located in Atlanta. There, he worked as an assistant for the Finance department, where he helped in daily tasks, project management and analyzing the market for decent offers for new projects done by the company. In his senior year, Burhan started his own company where he resold Apple products and, in the end, he successfully sold it before leaving the US. Burhan was also part of many events such as: project management and data analysis of different projects. Burhan is a trilingual, the languages are Albanian, English and Turkish.

Kristian Lika
June 2020 - August 2020

Kristian has completed his undergraduate studies in Sociology, at the Faculty of Social Science, University of Tirana. During this time he participated in an academic exchange at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi. Currently, he is following his graduate studies in Political Science and International Relations at Epoka University. He is interested in subjects of the differences in social processes theories and the European Integration of Albania. Up until now, he has been involved in multiple projects as a volunteer, intern, and trainee in the private sector and NGO in Albania and abroad. Lately, he has been granted a scholarship as Teaching Assistant parallel to graduate studies. He speaks Albanian (mother tongue) and English language.

Kladjola Spahiu
December 2019 - March 2020

Kladjola has completed her Bachelor studies at Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. Currently, she is continuing her Scientific Civil Master studies at the same faculty. During her studies, she had the opportunity to be part of an exchange program at Masaryk University in Czechia, in which lectures were held in the English language. This experience was the starting point where her passion for International Law and European Union Law was born. With the desire to improve her knowledge beyond scholar books she took part in various activities, simulation models and different trainings.  She took part on Saarland University and SEELS summer school with the topic on Media Law, Democratization and the EU accession process. Her last project was in collaboration with Washington and Lee University, Faculty of Law, University of Tirana and Ministry of Justice on the topic of Anticorruption Essentials and Best Practices in Key Sectors. Under the project, she attended a joint online course on Global Corruption and Good Governance in Albania and the European Union with the students of Washington and Lee University.  Kladjola intends to continue her career in the field of International Law in the near future and sees the internship at EMA as a helping experience in expanding her knowledge. She speaks Albanian, and English, and she has basic knowledge of Italian and the Czech language, while she is improving her knowledge of the French language.

Anxhela Mustafai
October 2019 - January 2020

Anxhela has just completed her master's degree in Public Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. During her ongoing studies and engagement in international law-focused activities she discovered the interest and desire to learn more about the European Union. Angela has participated in the Simulation Model for European Union Institutions organized by EMA for two consecutive years, where she served as Commissioner for 2019, defending the EU's interests with professionalism and expertise. During her first master year she did not break away from engaging in activities and workshops in various organizations, thus making her a participant and winner of the Political Academy 2018 in Tirana organized by the “Qemal Stafa” Foundation for youth engagement in policy-making and training the leaders of the future. This award gave her the opportunity to be part of the Albanian delegation who did a study visit to Brussels with a focus on EU institutions. During this study visit she visited all EU institutions in Brussels and met various MEPs, who shared with all members of the participating group, their opinion on Albania's achievement and they own assessment about the opening of negotiations. Angela has also held a two-month internship at the Ministry of Justice in the deputy minister cabinet. This gave her the opportunity to observe more closely how policy-making works and functions at the executive level. Currently apart from her internship at EMA, Anxhela is continuing her one-month training on leadership, thanks to the "Training of trainers" activity from the Qemal Stafa Foundation. She wants to become a qualified and expert trainer in the EU legal field but not only, wishing to contribute to Albania's EU accession process. Anxhela speaks Albanian, English and Italian, and also has basic knowledge of Spanish.

Klea Xhaferi

September  - December 2019

Klea has just graduated from University of Tirana, in the field of law. During her bachelor studies she found out that she wanted to specialize in International Law. Before graduation, Klea has conducted an internship at the First Administrative Court of Tirana and now she is looking forward to being a professional in the international policy- making sector, in order to give her contribution in developing the policies of the country. Also she is working in a one year project focused on monitoring the implementation of the judicial reform in Albania. Her work consists in organizing workshops and gathering statistics ,information through surveys, which will later conclude in a final raport drafted by Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. Certainly to acquire new skills and experiences, she has been involved in many international activities. This year she was part of a delegation of Albanian students in Model of UN in The Hague, where she promoted her ideas of how to achieve sustainable economic growth. After returning to Albania, she immediately joined the EMA network, where she applied for the "Model of EU Institutions" and played the role of one of Members of the European Parliament. After a distinguishing participation, she was offered to be an intern at the EMA office. Considering all her interests and general aim toward the international policy-making, she is looking forward to prospering her work and her experience within NGO sector. She aims to start her master degree on European Legal Studies. Klea speaks Albanian, English, French and has a basic knowledge on Italian language.

Haxhire Vezi

July 2019 - September 2019

Haxhire Vezi is graduating from her Bachelor studies in the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law. She has also in plan to continue her studies in "Master of Scenes in the Public Law." She has good knowledge of English , Italian and Chinese language.
Her first presentation with EMA has been through its activities, to mention European Institutions Simulation 2019, where she had the role of an European Parliament Member. Wanting to be aware of the public policies and especially of the EU, the mission and EMA itself pushed her to be part of EMA. Her areas of interest are human rights, public socio-economic policies and activism in civil society. Even her trainings are related to these mention “Politeia Summer School for Regional Cooperation”in Montenegro,“Albania towards EU” etc.. In the road towards European Union every aspect that needs to be harmonized with European laws and its good practices, needs to be taken into consideration and proper attention should be paid to. The awareness and development of European values in political and socio-economic fields would made the path easier towards it.

Irsid Gjondedaj
April - July 2019

Irsid is studying in third year of his bachelor’s degree in Administration and Social Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Tirana. Last year he had an internship experience at “Civil Rights Defenders”- an international non-governmental organization based in Sweden working on human rights with a focus on civil and political rights. During that time, he also completed the “Human Rights Defenders School”. Before this experience, Irsid has been part of “KEPASS”, a mobility programme between the students of Adriatic school system. Also, he was part of Model United Nations, an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Actually, Irsid volunteers at “United Nations Youth Association Albania”, a youth organization   focused on completing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the blueprints to achieve a better and more sustainable future. His interest fields are social activism, social society and human rights. He’s bilingual, being fluent on both English and Italian. He aims to follow his master studies on communication for social changes.

Jola Frashëri
October 2018 - May 2019

 Jola has just graduated from University of Tirana, Bachelor Program Faculty of Law and she also holds bachelor BA diploma in Finance from the same university. Since freshman year, she has been a member of “Network of Excellent Students”. During her studies, she was involved for almost a year at NGO, “The Center for Legal Civic Initiatives” offerings free legal advice for women who have been victims of violence and trafficking. During nine weeks, Jola has been part of a “Human Rights School Tirana” organized from Civil Rights Defenders. She achieved her personal objectives towards values clarification, attitude change, development of solidarity, and the skills for advocacy and action, such as analyzing situations in human rights terms and strategizing appropriate responses to injustice. Also, as part of youth grassroots organizations she has been active in initiating and organizing many seminars for young people to enhance their social and political participation. For the moment she has interest in human right especially for juvenile and women, and intends to specialize in the future in economic crimes law. Jola speaks Albanian, English, French and has basic knowledge in German.

Loriana Bara
September 2018 - April 2019

Loriana has just completed her Bachelor studies in ‘Aleksander Moisiu’ University Durrës at the Faculty of Political and Law Sciences, for Law studies. Now she is waiting to start her master studies. Her recognition with EMA and its activities starts with the EU Simulation Model 2018. An activity in which she was certified as the best performance as the representative of the European Commission. This stimulated her in understanding her role as the "Citizen of the World", as well as her aspirations to be part of the lawmakers, giving her impetus to continue this professional internship at EMAs office. The protection of human rights, the creation of new legal remedies and promoting and enforcing an independent legal system not influenced by politics, are the aims she intends to do as a future lawyer. Moreover, her interest is related to amendments and filling gaps of the law in the Republic of Albania. That’s why being an intern at EMA hopefully will make her understand better the relationship between the EU and Albania in a way to give her a clear idea of the situation we are today and what she might do differently in the near future. She knows Albanian, English, Italian and has studied the German language.

Lorenca  Bejko

July - September 2018

Lorenca Bejko is a newly graduated student from the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, with a  Master in Criminal Law. Meanwhile, she will attend postgraduate studies at 'Universite Grenoble Alpes' on legal studies. Currently, apart from being an EMA intern, Lorenca is a part-time legal assistant at Atlantic Company. She has been involved in several youth exchange activities focusing on jurisprudence, leadership and promotion of democracy, both internally and internationally. Lorenca has also been engaged within civil society for 6 years in areas related to volunteering and social life in the community as an activist of Albanian Red Cross, Albanian Cap Project, New Vision, Aiesec, Albanian Consumer Center, etc. She is a public officer and coordinator of the Balkan Youth Council information sessions. Also for a period of three months, she is the Project Coordinator at the Albanian Consumer Center. During the time that she was a Bachelor student for about 6 months, she worked as an author and interviewer for the Albanian Law Review, an online legal journal. Outside the student life, Lorenca has a passion for poetry and literature in general, she is the author of two poetic books. Constantly she writes articles in the newspaper "Telegraf". In December 2015, she was selected for the "People of the Year" award in the category “Young Authors”.Her areas of interest include classic literature, voluntarism, environmental protection and ecology, foreign languages, human rights, diplomacy, public speaking, leadership and criminal sciences. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue) and English, Spanish and has basic knowledge of Italian and Croatian.

Aleksandra Luca
June - July 2018

Aleksandra Luca is a sophomore in the Honors Program at the University of Michigan, one of the most prestigious universities in the US that was ranked the number 1 public university for three consecutive years. She plans to earn a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations and to continue to law school and receive her Juris Doctor degree. In addition to studying at the University of Michigan, Aleksandra also works in the university's Undergraduate Political Science Association, where she tries to find prospects and new possibilities for students in the field of Political Science. Aleksandra Luca is also the Public Relations officer of the Albanian-American Student Association, which focuses on bringing together students with similar origin and culture and helping the society around them. Outside of academics, Aleksandra's hobbies are Modeling, which she started at 11 years old, and acting, which she started at 10 years old with a variety of roles in theatre and cinematography, including the Amazon Prime series "I Declare War" and the film "Bennett's Song," an award-winning film in and out of the U.S. where she was given the opportunity to introduce Albanian culture. Her current interests are post-conflict resolution and human rights. Her dream is to make an impact, however small, on Albanian politics, even though she was born and raised in the US. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, and Spanish.

Enea Sheqi

March - August 2018

Enea has completed Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana. He is currently completing Master's degree in Civil Law at the same university. During the studies he has been involved in many trainings and workshops such as: human rights, European law, business law and family law. He has participated in a two-month training organised by the OSCE presence in Albania and was awarded the prize for the best performance during the EU Simulation Model organised by EMA in 2017. Enea has participated in several national and international scientific conferences organized by the University of Tirana with the University of La Sapienza, referring to the topics: "Impact of Human Rights in Private Law" and "Taking and Using Biological Samples. News and Novelties of the Criminal Procedure Code". He shows interest in European law, civil law and European private law. The languages he owns are Albanian (mother language), English, French and basic knowledge of Italian language.

Nikol Likja

March - July 2018

Nikol is currently completing her final year of Bachelor studies in Business Management at the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana. During her studies she has worked as an interpreter & assistant for Short Term Observers from the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE/ODIHR) during the Local and Assembly elections (2015, 2017) in Durres County. She also has an experience as a data entry collector for the Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) for local businesses in Durrës County. Her volunteer contribution mainly consists of translations for TED Open Translation in Albanian, English or Italian language and her membership at AIESEC Albania. While engaged with AIESEC Albania, she contributed in the marketing area for the Incoming Exchanges Department. Her works consisted of making several promotion materials for the Global Volunteer programs and promotional videos for the exchange projects of 2017. Nikol was part of the Organising Committee for the YouthSpeak forum, under the theme “Decent work & economic growth”, supported by AIESEC Albania, UN in Albania and EasyPay Albania. Her work consisted in preparing the materials for the YouthSpeak survey & event, such as editor for pictures, videographer and editor of the Youthspeak video, photographer during the event. Her areas of interest are Gender Equality, Human Rights, European Studies, Project Management and Marketing. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English and Italian language.

Aureliano Ulndreaj

February 2018 – April 2018

Aureliano is graduated from the University of New York Tirana with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences/International Relations. During undergraduate studies he was part of a research project, composed by a team of UNYT’s professors and students with the role of assistant researcher, focused on the topic of regional historic relations in the Balkan region. In 2016, Aureliano has conducted an internship at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in the Department of the Diplomatic Academy. Main responsibility was to assist in the organisational process of conferences taking place in the premises of MEFA. Personal research focus: EU Enlargement, Western Balkans’ EU Integration, Political Theory and History. He speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English and Greek.

Eriona Prençi 

December 2017 - March 2018 

Eriona graduated from Bachelor of Law at the University of Tirana, currently has applied to several universities in Europe to pursue postgraduate studies in the Master of Science with a Focus on European Law and Financial Law. Lately, she has had an internship at “Dega e Thesarit Tiranë” legal department for a three-month period that once again shows her focus on Financial Law. Eriona is an active student who has contributed to the organisation and participation in a series of conferences and trainings, such as "Institution Alb Science", where she has been responsible for the organisation of the IX International Meeting held in Tirana; "Albanian Helsinki Committee" authorised as a long-term observer of parliamentary elections; "OSCE Presence in Albania" where she has successfully completed training on legislative techniques and public consultation. Eriona is also part of the representative group of Albania in the largest European competition on the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition where the  Final Round is organised annually in Strasbourg with the pleadings taking place at the European Court of Human Rights. The areas in which Eriona has an interest are: Financial Law, European Law, International Public Law, International Relations and Human Rights. The languages she owns are Albanian (mother tongue), English, French and Turkish.

Kira Miraj

September 2017 - December 2017 

Kira has recently completed her Master’s Degree on “Intercultural Communication and Tourism” at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, in Tirana. During the period of April - July 2017 she was involved in a three-month professional internship as an assistant on Tirana’s main public broadcaster Radio-Television Albania. Kira emphasises as an important experience her participation as a volunteer in the 8th edition of "Mediterranea 18" Young Artists Biennale in Tirana as a Spanish Interpreter. Following her interest in gender equality issues, Kira was involved in a two-week training in Kosovo focused on this topic. Her fields of interest are Human Rights, Gender Equality, International Affairs and Intercultural Dialogue. She speaks Albanian (Mother Tongue), English, Italian and Spanish.

Klobeta Zylyfi
June 2017 - September 2017

Klobeta Zylyfi is completing her Master of Science studies on Criminal Law, Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. She has achieved high grades during her bachelor studies. Her fields of interest consist of European Law, Criminal Law and Human Rights. During her studies she had the opportunity to complete a professional internship as a Legal Assistant in a law firm in Tirana. For months she has been engaged near  ALTRI Center, implementing an initiative to inform citizens about the Vetting process and what their role might be in this process. Klobeta has participated in many activities organized by the European Union Information Network in Albania focused on topics such as the fight against corruption and organized crime. She, as well participated at Simulation Model of EU institutions organised by EMA, where she made a distinguished performance as a Member of European Parliament. The phenomenon of corruption is the topic that she is most interested and she is studying recently. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English and Italian.

Hana Berishaj

June - July 2017

Hana Berishaj is an undergraduate student from the University of Michigan pursuing bachelor degrees in Political Science and International Security, with plans to additionally earn an associates degree in Islamic Studies. Hana’s activities on campus include her participation in the organizations The Michigan Refugee Assistance Program and She’s the First where she often studies policies, analyzes opinions, and raises awareness for the causes of each group. She is also the Vice President of the Albanian-American Student Organization on her campus which looks to create a space for Albanian students to connect while also engaging in meaningful activities. For the past year, Hana has also worked at the Weiser Center for European and Eurasian Studies and actively takes part in coordinating events and managing projects. Her main interests include post-conflict resolution, development, and national security. She speaks English (mother tongue), German, and Albanian.

Heraldo Panozaqi

May 2017 - August 2017

Heraldo Panozaqi is at the end of Master of Science for Civil Law, Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. He has finished first part of university, bachelor, with high grades. Heraldo had been part of several trainings, such as Winter school in Tushemisht, Albania, “Future Leaders”, Leadership Tournament and intern at Commissioner against discrimination. Heraldo also has been part of leadership, as Director of Seminar and Conferences in two student’s organisations such as Network of Excellent Students Tirana (NES) and European Law Students Association Albania (ELSA). His major field of interest are Civil Law, Human Rights, European Union, European Law. Spoken languages are: Albanian (mother tongue), English and Italian

Ina Shënplaku 
February-May 2017

Ina Shënplaku is graduated in Law, and it is  currently studying the last year of the Master Degree on Public Law at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law. During her studies Ina has been active in a Notery Office by assisting and providing legal advice. Also she has completed an internship at the Ministry of Justice for a period of 3 months. For a year she held the position of the Vice President of Academic Activities at the European Law Students' Association, Albania (ELSA Albania).For four years now she holds the title “Youth Ambassador of Peace” and has been the representative of Young Lawyers in "United Union of Justice" held in 2015, in Brazil. Ina has participated in several conferences, tranings and various organizations such as "Junior Achievement Alumni", "Aiesec Leadership Tournament", "25 years Post-Communism", "The right of migration" and " The judicial reform and the European integration of Albania " and was part of the group of students for the accreditation of the University of Tirana. Her major field interests are European Law and Policy, Private International Law, Human Rights, International Relations and Migration. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, Italian and Chinese language.

Albi Çela

January 2017 - May 2017

Albi Çela holds a Bachelor in Law Degree from Beder University in Tirana, where he is also pursuing his postgraduate studies in a Master of Science with concentration in International Law. Albi has been a very active student during his years of studies by contributing in organising and participating in several conferences, trainings and summer schools, such as “The Individual, The Society and Sustainable Development: From Globalization to Glocalization”, “European System Protection of Human Rights Summer Course”, “First National Student’s Conference”, “Anti-Corruption Symposium “Eyes to the Future: Breaking the Corruption Barrier”. For three years now, he has taken part in the PhilipC. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Washington D.C and Vienna, representing Albania in the largest moot court event. Moreover, he has recently gained experience as an Interner near the Court of First Instance in Tirana for a period of two months. His major field interests are European Law, Public International Law, International Relations and Human Rights. He speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, Italian and Turkish.

Inva Nela
September 2016- February 2017

Inva Nela is an undergraduate student in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Epoka University. She has concluded her third semester of studies in Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia, due to an exchange program. Mrs. Nela has participated in several academic and social activities such as Activism against Women Violence , Oxford Cyber Security Training Seminars, Interactive meetings with ambassadors and other political figures, and also in different conferences such as: INTOBEPS 2 in Ankara, World Lumen Congress 2016 in Romania and CEU Undergraduate Conference in Hungary. She has previously been an intern in the NGO sector and also as an intern in the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her main fields of interest are European Studies, European Integration, Security Studies, Human rights and Women Empowerment. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, Spanish, Turkish and Italian.

Keti Kalaja
September 2016- December 2016

Keti holds a bachelor degree in the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana and will soon pursue her studies in Master of Science in Civil Law in the University of Tirana. She is interested in European Law, International Relations and Governance. Keti has been attending conferences, meetings, workshops and seminars related to law and social development, as well as court hearings at Tirana District Court, the Court of Appeal and Administrative Court. She has contributed as a volunteer at Red Cross Albania. She has attended the Academy for Public Administration. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, French, Italian and Greek.

Juna Hicka
June 2016 - September 2016

Juna is a final year student in her Bachelor studies in Law at the University of Tirana. She is currently a member of U.S Embassy Youth Council, where she has been part of many projects like serving as an independent observer at the university elections in collaboration with the Institutional Election Commission , and "Fighting Corruption in the High Educational System" with the phrase #IResistCorruption where she has been attending meetings with students to create strategies about how to fight corruption in universities. She is interested in European Law, International Relations and Human Rights. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, Italian and Spanish.

Megi Gjoni
April 2016 - June 2016

Megi Gjoni is a final year student in her Bachelor studies in Business Administration at University of New York Tirana, after completing a year at Webster University Vienna. During her studies she completed three internships: at American Bank of Investment in Tirana, KPMG Albania -Tax Department, and Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Water Administration - European Integration and Project Development Department. Moreover, she was awarded the first prize at Start-up Weekend Competition in Albania and Best Speaker at Money Week Debate Competition. She is interested in International Relations and Business Law. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English and German.

Doris Hysa
April 2016 - July 2016

Doris is currently attending her Bachelor Studies, final year, in International Relations at the European University of Tirana. In 2014 she worked as a data collector/interviewer at the National Center for Social Studies (NCSS) on the project for the modernization of the Social Assistance Scheme/ Program. In 2015 she and her team were finalists in the Debate Competition organized by the Foundation for Economic Freedom. Her main interests are the arena of the International Relations, Diplomacy, the future of the EU, political conflicts and the Syrian Refugee Crisis. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, Greek and German.

Lorina Misku                      

April 2015- December 2015

Lorina Misku is recently pursuing her studies in Master of Science in Public Law at the University of Tirana. She is currently engaged in an Internship at Albanian School of Public Administration. She has contributed as a volunteer at Open Mind Spectrum Albania/ YHRI Foundation and contributed as an activist at JUST project, USAID program for strengthening the justice system in Albania. Also, she participated in a training course within EU youth programs for non-formal education, protection and integrity of disabled people rights, held in Romania. She is interested in Public and Administrative law, and Human Rights field. Lorina speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English and Italian.

Dea Elmasllari
April 2015- June 2015

Dea Elmasllari is a final year student in her Bachelor studies in Political Sciences and International Relations at Epoka University. During her studies she completed two internships: in Bank Asya Headquarters, Istanbul and the other one in the Local Municipality of Pogradec, where she developed her political background related to public administration and public policies. The main interests in her field of study are International Relations, European Foreign Affairs and European Integration. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, Turkish, Italian and French.

Romena Qamo
January 2015 - March 2015

Romena Qamo holds a Bachelor degree in Law from the University of Tirana, and since November 2013 she attends Master of Science in Public Law. Two years ago, she had successfully completed an Internship about Innovative Business projects organized by Protik and AIDA. In the Essay Writing Competition 2014 organized by EMA, Romena’s work was selected as top 3, and she was granted the possibility to present her Essay at the Conference “Legal and Institutional Development within the framework of SAA commitments”. Two years ago, she had successfully completed an Internship about Innovative Business projects organized by Protik and AIDA. She is interested in public law and human rights. She speaks Albanian( mother tongue),  Italian and English.

Klau Ogrenaj
January 2015 - March 2015

Klau Ogrenaj holds a Bachelor degree in Law from the University of Tirana, and since November 2014 she attends Master of Science in Criminal Law. She currently volunteers at the Center for Legal and Civic Initiatives. For three years, she was Coordinator in a Youth Center in Korça, in projects funded by the Albanian government in collaboration with UNICEF. She is interested in criminal law and human rights. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English and Italian

Alba Aliaj
September - November 2014

Alba holds a bachelor degree in Law from the University of Tirana and by November she will attend Master of Science in Criminal Law. During her studies, she had the opportunity to complete an internship at DM Consulting Services and two Professional Internships as a Legal Assistant in a law firm and in a public notary, near Tirana District Court, Albania. She holds the position as an Officer at Department of Academic and Career Preparation at Network of Excellent Students, University of Tirana. Her fields of interest touch upon Criminal Law, International Security, Defense Policy, European Foreign and Security Policy, Foreign Policy Analysis, Safety Studies, Law Enforcement etc. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Javier López Prol
July 2014- September 2014

Javier graduated in Business Management in the University of A Coruña (UDC) and the Corvinus University of Budapest, and Law in the UDC. He holds a Master in International and Development Economics by the Complutense University of Madrid and is currently doing a PhD in Economics at the University of Graz. He has been working at IGADI (Galician Institute for Analysis and Documentation) and at the Galician Fund for Cooperation and Solidarity. Currently, he is working at the Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change. At EMA, he has carried out a research about economic convergence between Albania and the European Union, which was published in the journal "Euro Economica" in December. He speaks Galician and Spanish (mother tongues), English and Portuguese.

Donald Tafilaj
June 2014 - August 2014

Donald Tafilaj is a bachelor graduate in the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana and currently continuing studies in Master of Science in Public Law in the University of Tirana. He is very interested in International Relations and Human Rights. Donald has been attending several conferences and meetings of both national and international level in Albania and other countries. Within its experiences and studies, he is pursuing his dream to become a well-known actor in the International Environment. He speaks fluently Albanian, English and Italian.

Rina Limoni
June- September 2012

Rina holds a bachelor degree in International Relations and Politics from London Metropolitan University and a master degree in European Studies from Kings College London. During her master studies, Rina had the opportunity to complete research covering integration towards EU and its foreign and security policy. Both, her bachelor and master degree consulted the European Foreign Policy towards the Western Balkans (in different periods of time). Currently, she is working on her PhD proposal, with a focus on political science. Her fields of interest touch upon European foreign and security policy towards its Eastern and South Eastern neighbours, foreign policy analysis, international security, as well as EU-China relations. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), German and English.

Odeta Berberi
July - August 2011

Odeta holds a degree (3+2) in International Relations from Perugia University and a Master degree in Business Ethics from the University of Siena. Currently, she is writing her master thesis on the "right to health approach" to peacebuilding in divided societies: the case of Kosovo in the framework of the European Regional Master in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe (University of Bologna and Sarajevo joint degree). She has completed an internship at the Human Rights Centre (University of Prishtina), focusing on research under the project "The Health Insurance in Kosovo: a denied right" and contributed in the project implementation at the NGO "Voice of Roma". Her fields of interest touch upon Human Rights, International Relations and European Integration. She speaks Albanian (mother tongue), English and Italian.