Studies: Impact of Visa-free Movement on Citizens’ Mobility, December 2011

EMA has the pleasure to share with you studies on the “Impact of visa-free travel on citizen mobility” realised in the framework of the project “Impact of visa liberalisation on the mobility of citizens” supported by Balkan Trust for Democracy and the German Marshall Fund. The nationwide survey conducted during the months of November – December 2011 was conducted in cooperation with the Bartleti Research Institute.

This study, by analysing the data collected from a field research, tries to answer questions such as:

• What will come after visa liberalisation in Albania in the framework of citizen mobility?
• Will Albania face a new wave of emigration or an increase in flow migrants?
• What demographic and social characteristics will migration flow?

In this context, EMA aims to shed light on the impact of visa liberalisation on the mobility of citizens, the expected tidal flux and the effects of liberalisation on the labour market and remittances through this study.