Study: Exploring the challenges in the perspective of Albania’s Europeanization, August 2020

 This publication presents and analyses the conclusions drawn from the surveys conducted in the period February-April 2020 with 100 professional respondents from Albania through face-to-face and online interviews due to Covid-19 regulations.

The study puts forward the extracted quantitative and qualitative data regarding the perception of Albanian professionals on the perspective of European integration, the assessment of national and foreign actors and factors that affect the process as well as the challenges and opportunities of the country. It also evaluates future expectations without undermining the issues related to Albanian and European identity.  This paper is part of a project called “Deliberating Socio-Economic Impact of EU integration – Albanian case and regional experiences” implemented by EMA and ELIAMEP, Greece with the support of the Central Finance and Contracting Unit, the Ministry of Finances and Economy with regards to European Union’s IPA funds.