SWOT Analysis Presentation for Erasmus + Project “T.A.K.E Part”, November 2019

On November 5, 2019, took part at Europe House, in Tirana the informative meeting, between the European Movement in Albania (EMA) and 25 youngsters, who had been selected to participate at the second seminar that will take place in Naples, under the Erasmus + Program (KA3 Action) in cooperation with the Institute for the Future (Italy) on November 11-16, 2019.

The main focus of the activity was the introduction of the SWOT analysis to youngsters and the preparation of the students to implement the information received based in this presentation. This analysis will be used by the working groups to prepare a publication on the use of digital tools with the aim the: involvement and participation of citizens in policy-making at the local and central level.

Nirvana Deliu, Coordinator of Project T.A.K.E Part from EMA, gave a brief introduction of the project and its main topic, and what is expected from the participants during the activity in Naples as well. She clarified those issues linked with logistical matter that were still unclear and  and jnstructed them to address the informative resources for gathering relevant information and data on the topic of Digital Democracy, the tools that were used or can be used to develop the e-democracy in Albania.

Since not all the participants were familiar to SWOT analysis, Sonila Dubare, Policy Researcher of EMA, briefly explained what this analysis consisting of: (S-Strengths, W-Weaknesses, O- Opportunity, T-Threats) and how it can be used in the evaluation of the actions, or policies in the social or economic areas.

During the activity youngsters were divided into four groups, where each group discussed for about 20 minutes one of the S, W, O or T points of analysis to put into practice the newly acquired knowledge of the presentation. Based on a current and tangible topic such as the Law on Higher Education, they discussed about this law by evaluating and analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.. The topic was chosen differently from the topic of the activity that young people will discuss in Naples, so that the discussions and analysis done here will not affect the way the participants will think and discuss during teamwork in Naples. The main purpose was to familiarize them with the SWOT analysis and the process to follow to durig in analyzing and assesing a policy or situation.

Then they exchanged the results of the teamwork, presenting them and reinforcing once again the key points to consider,while using SWOT analysis.