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ABC News / A2 CNN – Europe shifts right / Deliu on European Elections: There were no major surprises, 10-11 June 2024

Integration Expert, Nirvana Deliu, has asserted that there were no major surprises in the European elections outcomes. She emphasises that coalitions known as pro-European still hold the majority of supporters. According to Deliu, it was surprising that the party of French President Emmanuel Macron did not secure the first position in France. In certain countries, […]

Alsat MK/ABC News/Ora News – European Elections / Gjipali: No changes expected in policies towards the Western Balkans, 7-10 June 2024

Integration Expert Gledis Gjipali states that no changes are expected in the policies towards the Western Balkans following the European elections. However, he notes that a rise of the right-wing is anticipated in some important EU countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands. Gjipali emphasises that expectations for the Western Balkans enlargement are low since […]

EU Elections 2024: Insights from analyst Gledis Gjipali on the political scene, as shared with RTSH 24, 6 June 2024

Invited to discuss the European Parliament elections on RTSH 24, Integration Expert Gledis Gjipali emphasised the rise of far-right extremism coupled with pronounced Euroscepticism in Europe, highlighting its impact on the continent’s political landscape. According to him, voter turnout is increasing in Central Europe, while in Western Europe it remains low. Gjipali explains that this […]

SYRI TV – Gjipali: Meloni’s visit to Albania was a component of the election campaign for the European elections, 5 June 2024

Invited to SYRI TV, Gledis Gjipali, Executive Director of the European Movement in Albania and Integration expert, discussed the migration agreement between Albania and Italy and Giorgia Meloni’s visit to Shëngjin. Gjipali described this visit as an electoral one in the context of the European elections on June 9th. According to the expert, the visit […]

Report TV – The EU requires legal amendments towards the recognition of same-sex marriages by 2028! Revision of the Criminal Code on hate speech, 14 May 2024

On 14 May 2024, a discussion roundtable on LGBTQI community’s entitlement to the enjoyment of all rights at “Europe House” was convened, organised by European Movement in Albania in cooperation with Pro LGBT organisation, with the participation of legal experts, activists and members of civil society participated, as well as the special presence of the […]

ABC News – New President’s oath of RNM stirs conflict risks; Gjipali warns of Greek and Bulgarian tensions / Rama’s meeting in Athens boosts collaboration expectations, 13 May 2024

In a recent segment on “Tirana Live” on “ABC News,” Gledis Gjipali, an EU Integration expert, dissected the mounting tensions between Greece and North Macedonia, stemming from the contentious name issue and the pronouncements of the new President of North Macedonia. Gjipali voiced deep-seated concern over this situation, deeming it a looming threat to peace […]

Report TV – Gjipali maps Albania’s EU Path by 2030 on ‘Studio Live’ – a Positive Turn with Reforms Overdrive, 9 May 2024

EU Integration Expert, Gledis Gjipali, joined the discussion via Skype which shed light on Albania’s journey towards EU integration, focusing on transition and setting the milestone year of 2030 as a possible accession date. Drawing attention to Albania’s current situation in the Western Balkans, Gjipali highlighted the country’s progress in political and legal reforms, signalling […]

RTSH – Unravelling Europe Day: in Conversation with Gledis Gjipali, 9 May, 2024

As part of the Europe Day discourse, Gledis Gjipali, EU Integration Expert, enriched the dialogue by addressing a broad spectrum of topics. Starting with the historical importance of this day, as a celebration of the European Union, he emphasized the multidimensional benefits this union of states has brought in over the recent decades. Gjipali mentioned […]

Klan News & ABC News – Inner Workings in Greece/ Gjipali: Little chances for Beleri’s MEP Candidacy, 16 April 2024

During a recent interview on Klan News and ABC News, Gledis Gjipali, the Director of the European Movement in Albania, was invited to discuss the surprising development wherein the Greek Prime Minister nominated Fredi Beleri as a candidate for the European Parliament in the upcoming June elections. Gjipali conveyed an assessment indicating that Beleri’s prospects […]

A2 CNN – Deliu: EU slams refugees’ doors. Is Albania opening them? 11 April 2024

Nirvana Deliu, an Integration Expert with a specialisation on migration issues, was invited to share her thoughts on the new law approved by the European Parliament regarding immigration reform. She stated that rather than closing the door to migrants, the law tightens regulations and imposes new restrictions. She claimed that the new law only emphasizes […]